CGDI BMW CAS2 Semi-smart Key Programmed

Confirmed! CGDI Prog BMW can program BMW CAS2 semi-smart key. Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Test Platform is used to detect if the key and CAS2 module is synchronized, which helps users make key easily. Step 1: Check whether the CAS2 module and the magnetic semi-smart key is synchronized 1.Plug the black and green connectors of Godiag BMW CAS2

CGDI CG70 Not Activated and Device Type Error (Code: 595) Solution

Customer problem: When I opened cgdi cg70 software to activate my device, it reported that “The device is not activated” and “Device type error (code: 595)”. What can I do? engineer replied: It needs to choose the mainland China network to bind CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool. Please tap the settings icon in the top-right corner Click Network and

CG100 Prog III V6.8.3.0 Update: Added MQB Adapter

CG100 Prog III updated the newest software to V6.8.3.0 on Dec.12th, 2023. Update info: 1.Added MQB adapter to support VW MQB mileage fix. 2.Added 25 models to dashboard. 3.Added 2 models to airbag. The following models are added for dashboard. BAIC Senova D50 2018- 24C64 (Dashboard)+95320 (BCM) Honda Motor NS125LA 24C04 Honda Motor Yazhi 24C04 Chenggong Zebra 24C08

CGDISHOP.COM Black Friday Super Deals: Shop at Incredible Price

2023 CGDISHOP.COM Black Friday Mega Sale is coming now! It starts from Nov.17th to Nov.27th. During the 10 days, you are able to buy the hot-selling CG products such as CGDI BMW, CGDI MB, CG Pro 9S12, CG100X, CG FC-200, CG70, etc at the best price of this year. Entrance: 1.Hottest CG products 11.11 Biggest Sale:

CG100X V1.3.2.0 Update

CGDI CG100X Programmer V1.3.2.0 updated on October 24th, 2023. Check the related update info and free download link. Update detail: Added 33 models to dashboard. Added 1 model to read-write. The following models are added for dashboard. BAIC MOTOR yuanbao 24C04 BAIC EU5 24C64 (Dashboard)+ 95320(BCM) BAIC U5 2021- 24C16 (Dashboard)+ 95320(BCM) dachengqiche G60S 2019- 24C04 Dayun dayun Light Truck

CG FC-200 V1.1.6.0 Update: Added Continental TC17 & SPC5xx Type Engine Computers (BOOT Mode)

CG FC-200 updated the newest software V1.1.6.0 on October 16th, 2023. Update details: 1.Added CONTINENTAL TC17 type engine computers (BOOT mode): SID310, SID807EVO, EMS3110; 2.Added CONTINENTAL SPC5xx type engine computers (BOOT mode): GPEC3, GPEC2A, GPEC4, GPEC4LM, GPEC2; 3.Added CONTINENTAL TC17 type engine computer (BOOT mode): SIMOS8.2x, EMS2511, EMS24xx, EMS2205, SDI9, SDI3, SDI4, SDI10.x, SDI21.x; 4.Added new

CG100 Prog III Read and Write BMW Light Module MCU 9S12XDT256

I have a Light module (LWR/LME/LCM) from BMW X3 E83 3.0 diesel car. There is something problem in this module. So I want to use CG100 Prog III to make a full backup all original data of this module before trying to flash it. Use the tiny wires to connect CG100 programmer and BMW Light module. As the legs from the flash

CG100X V1.3.0.0 & CG100 V6.7.8.0 Update: Added 34 Models

CGDI CG100X Programmer V1.3.0.0 and CG100 Prog III V6.7.8.0 newly updated in October 2023. Both added 32 models to dashboard and 2 models to read-write. Update details: The following models are added for dashboard. ZOOMLION X2 rotary tiller 2020- R5F10DPXX Northern Bus Bus 24C256 BAIC EU5 24C64 BAIC Huansu S3 93C66 Changhe changhe A6 24C16 (instrument)+95320(BCM) Buick GL8 2007- 9S12H128 Dayun A5

CGDI BMW Program BMW E60 Key

Use CGDI Prog BMW to add/program 2 remote keys for a BMW E60 with working key via OBD.  The first one is a standard remote key while the second is a smart key… also key bits restoration on CAS module. Connect CGDI BMW key programmer and vehicle via OBD cable, and connect to computer via USB cable

CG100 Prog III V6.7.6.0 Update

CG100 Prog III V6.7.6.0 updated on Sept.24th, 2023. It added 30 models to airbag and dashboard read- write. Freed download CG100 V6.7.6.0 For the customers who downloaded older version: Connect CG100 Prog III Programmer and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly. Update details: Added 21models to dashboard. Added 4 models to airbag. Added 5 models to

CG100X V1.2.4.0 Update

 CG100X Programmer newest software V1.2.4.0 updated on Aug.22th, 2023. Update details: Added 31 models to dashboard. Added 5 models to airbag. Added 5 models to read-write. The following models are added for dashboard. BAIC EC200 2018- 95040 BYD AUTO E2 BCMcontroller 95640 BYD AUTO E3 BCMcontroller 95640 BYD AUTO Qin EV450 2022- 24C16 ChuFeng Electric turck