2017 Ford Focus 2.0L ECM VIN Change by CG FC-200

One customer reported that he used CG FC200 to modify VIN on 2017 Ford Focus 2.0L ECM successfully.

Here is the procedure:

Connect CG FC200 ECU programmer and Focus ECM with the professional Vehicle-grade wiring harness according to the wiring diagram in FC200 software, and connect to computer and 12V power supply as well

Select Ford>> Focus (DY)>> BOSCH MED17.0 TC1767>> 2000 GDI Ti-VCT XQDA 150>> Platform

Click “Identification”, the connection succeed, and identify the chip, serial number and hardware ID.

Click “Read PFlash”, read the pflash data successfully, and then back up the file.

Click “Modify VIN”, read the original VIN is 1FADP3H26HL331184.

Save the DFlash data

Read another VIN is 1FADP3H26HL331183.

Input the new VIN same as original one and click “OK”, save the new DFlash data

Modify VIN again, now the VIN is back to the original one.

The 2017 Ford Focus 2.0L ECM VIN is modified with CG FC200 programmer perfectly.