CG-FC 200 AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 Read and Write

Today we will share a practical test report about using CG FC200 and PCMTuner to read/write AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 respectively, the purpose is to see which is faster (and check how long to write the data back), which is more stable and which is worth buying.

Credit to @YOYO Diagnostic.

This is AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796.

CG FC200 is original device, the update version of BMW AT200.

PCMTuner is a clone of Scanmatik.

FC200 cannot read so many issues like PCMtuner.

There are a lot of videos on the Facebook for PCMTuner. It’s a growing community and is big now.

If you want to have a great tool, then go for Scanmatik and original software from PCM Flash. Because this version of PCMtuner they use is v1.20 of the software, and now it’s v1.27.

Packing case comparison:

CG FC200 comes in a nice box in the plastic.

PCMTuner has a carton box, it’s not so bad but the cable’s quality from the PCMTuner will be better.

Cables comparison:

The quality of the PCMTuner cables is much better than clone from galette.

The silicones and the size is almost double, it’s not like really double but at least 50 percent.

The quality of the FC200 cables is excellent. Not only the wires, also about the connections.

For pcmtuner, you should be careful because you can have a bad contact. It happens to me when I try to read few issues and it doesn’t have connection I managed to find and it was a work problem.

The test:

1.AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 Read write Checksum Correct by CG FC200

Connect FC200 and ECU correctly according to the wiring diagram of FC200 software

First, go for identification

Connection succeed

Next, read DFlash

Read DFlash data successfully and back up

Then, read PFlash

Read PFlash data successfully and back up as well

  • Check for updates

You can check if the current software is newest version by clicking ‘Check for updates’ function.

  • Quick search edc17cp04 on the search-box

It’s much faster than pcmtuner magic car tool. Because this software doesn’t run to in through internet connection, the internet is needed only for checksum correction. That’s program in surface in PC instinct started.

  • Write PFlash

Select the original PFlash just saved to write into a new ECU

Connect internet to correct checksum first, it takes much time than pcmtuner

  1. AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796Read Write Checksum Correctby PCMTuner

It should be connected to the internet.

Open PCMTuner software, the newest version is 1.27 on the software interface.

It’s interesting because when you go on the software a little bit and you have to deal with a programmer like Autotuner. When you go inside it is almost like an autotuner. The harder is it’s a copy from Scanmatik. The dongle is PC and Flash also the software using for reading and the diagram and the interface are almost similar with autotuner. I really appreciate for the company provides better service than Scanmatik and PCM Flash. Why not if it’s possible this is how you can weigh more customers and provide better service.

It’s a little bit slow but on the end it will show us.

Select the ECU model and enter operation interface.

Go for the connection. We have possibility to read on bench.

Select INSTRUCTION to see the wiring diagram

Compared with FC200, the cables are corresponding with the colors.

If you’ll do the mistake when you are trying to read, you are up, actually the PCMTuner not found. Try to take the power supply once more, also fails.

Go to open PCMflash software to work directly

You will see a v1.27 upgrade prompt, just click No to continue.

Select module 71 bosch MEDC17 (TC1762/1766/1792/1796) Flash

First, click identification to have connection

Next, read flash data

It’s not bad. You take a little bit longer, also the same time it can make the checksum correction on this one.

Save the original Flash data

Then read EEPROM data

It’s much faster.

After that, write Flash data into another ECU

If you don’t connect the device well, it will show ‘unable to use selected interface’. Just unplug the connector and plug again. Then it can work like a charm. Save the data after writing successfully.

Next step is to correct checksum

If you don’t use the power supply when you write that issue it will go, the voltage will go down to 12.2 or 12 point.

OK, finished.

It takes 3min 7s

In conclusion:

PCMTuner is much faster because the pcm flash software doesn’t take long and it doesn’t connect to the server. It is inside on the software, while CG FC200 needs time to connect to the server for checksum correction.

There is no difference between the dump from the ECU and the dump I write. I do like more in FC200 but it is not enough. If you want to have a great tool you should invest much more money. But it is very useful and very cheap on this moment.

Attach some related customer reviews:

  1. FC200 looks very good and stable. I like that.
  2. Pcmtuner software is only as good as the version it was cloned at, most of which are clones of original pcmflash v1.2.1, latest version is v1.2.7-1, so the new modules and bug fixes after v1.2.1 will not be present in pcmtuner.
  3. Thanks for the time i was waiting for some honest review, it’s a shame the fc200 can’t do edc16. For those that aren’t used to MCU/EEPROM programmers, the speed of the reading is directly connected to the stability and quality of the interface, that’s why it’s a good test.

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