CG FC-200 Clone BMW B58 on Bench

CG FC200 ECU Programmer can read and write EEPROM and Flash to clone BMW B58 DME on bench and via OBD without any issue.

If works on bench, connect FC200 and BMW B58 DME via the professional harness Vehicle-grade wiring harness (FC200 adapter).

If works via obd, connect FC200 and vehicle with the FC200 OBD2 cable without disassembly.

Here we mainly share how to clone BMW B58 SPC5777 in bench mode.

Connect FC200 programmer and computer via the USB cable

Make sure the network connection is normal during the procedure.

Run CG FC200 software

There are two methods to operate.

Method 1: if you know the car series, directly select car brand, model and ECU.

*Input the ECU model in the search box to find quickly.

Method 2: If you don’t know the car series, select Bosch number, and input the corresponding Bosch number in the search box to find quickly.

Enter Platform interface

Click Wiring diagram, and follow it to connect FC200 programmer and BMW B58 DME


FC200 software function brief introduction:

  • Identification:

If identify successfully, it indicates that the CG FC200 programmer is good, and the communication with BMW B58 DME is normal.

  • Read ISN:

Supports engine computer ISN code acquisition for key matching (BWM all keys lost) and anti-theft maintenance.

  • Read and write EEPROM & Flash:

1.Clone DME: read the original DME module data and write into new DME

2.Mask fault codes and modify data

Note: CG FC200 also supports automatic checksum during writing.


Click “Identification” to detect the CPU type and ID

Read ISN successfully

Read EEPROM, after reading, backup the data

Write EEPROM, open the original EEPROM data file to write into new BMW B58 DME.

Write successfully.

Use the same method to read and write flash with FC200 easily.