CG FC-200 DFlash& PFlash Instruction

Many customers ask what functions they can perform by reading and writing DFLASH or PFlash with CG FC200 ECU programmer. I’ve put together a list of common questions and answered them in detail.

1.Modify VIN  

The data area used is DFlash.

2.Modify ISN  

Only the BMW has the ISN, which is used for communication authentication.

The data field used is DFlash.

3.Fault Code Masking  

When the vehicle stores some fault codes that cannot be cleared or repaired, for convenience, the fault code is directly shielded and

The data area used is PFlash.

4.Anti-theft Shutdown (IMMO OFF)

When the vehicle anti-theft system fails or does not pass the certification, and you do not know how to repair, this method can be used to bypass the anti-theft system and directly start the car.

The data area used is PFlash.

Note: Some Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/Seat MED17 ECUs also need to parse the DFlash (EEPROM) data area, otherwise the fault code may be reported or the vehicle will not start.

5.Power Upgrade  

It is usually used in vehicle modification to modify ECU data and improve power.

The data area used is PFlash.

6.Data Parsing  

This function is mainly applicable to Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/SEAT ECU.

The data area used is DFlash(EEPROM)+PFlash.

7.Close TPROT  

It supports Bosch VAG MEDC17 series, BMW /Mini MEVD17/EDC17 series, and Hyundai/Kia EDC17/MED (G) 17 series.

The data area used is PFlash.

8.ECU cloning  

In short, the original ECU can read all the data, and write the data read out to the new ECU.

You will notice that some ECUs have two extra functions: backup data and restore data, so when we clone, we will only use these two options.

Backup data: Read out all data in the ECU and consolidate it into a file.

Restore data: Load the file read from “Backup data” and write it to the target ECU.

Note: Some MED17 ECU clones from Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/Seat also need to parse the DFlash (EEPROM) data area, otherwise they may report a fault code or fail to run.

How to parse DFlash by CG FC200?

Run FC200 software

Choose AUDI/SEAT/SKODA/VOLKSWAGEN car type then enter data process function

Click ‘Anti theft data processing of Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen’

Load DFlash (EEPROM) and PFlash files respectively

After loading the data successfully, go to parse data

Check whether the ECU type is MED17.

Parse data successfully, and click ‘Save File’.

The data saved is DFlash.

Finally, write the DFlash data parsed to the ECU.