CG FC-200 Read/Write BMW EDC16CP35 on Bench with MPC5xx Adapter

CG FC-200 ECU programmer and the new MPC5xx Adapter can read and write edc16 in bench mode. Not all edc16 ECUs are available yet, but it’s a pretty good start. Our customer YOYO has tested it on his BMW BOSCH EDC16CP35 MPC563/4, works like a charm!

Here is the detailed operation:

First, connect CG FC200 to one computer via the USB cable, and also connect with a power supply

Then, run FC200 V1.1.3.0.

Select BMW>> 5-Series (E60)>> 2993 M57D30O2 235>> BOSCH EDC16CP35 MPC563/4>> Platform

Next, check the wiring diagram, and follow it to connect FC200 and BMW ECU

Connect the FC200 Vehicle-grade wiring harness to ECU

Connect FC200 programmer and MPC5xx Adaptor, and connect to the another end of Vehicle-grade wiring harness

After that, start to get ECU authorization and perform read/write operation.

Verify authorization successfully, and identify the chip is MPC563_4, connection succeed.

Read PFLASH, ExtEEPROM, and ExtFLASH in sequence, all are ok.

Successfully save the related original data after reading.

Finally, select the corresponding file to write, perfectly!

Credit to@ YOYO Diagnostic.

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