CG FC-200 Tutorials: VW Bosch ME17.5.22 TC1724 Clone

CG FC200 programmer test report: clone VW Bosch ME17.5.22 TC1724 successfully.

The test:

Open FC200 software

Click ‘license’ to view the authorization list

Click ‘Update authorization’ to update license

Follow the wiring diagram in the CG FC200 software to connect FC200 and VW ECU, then connect to the laptop

Select ‘VW’

Input the Bosch model in the search box

It shows the ECU is BOSCH ME17.5.22 TC1724.

Then click ‘Platform’

Step 1: Identify the ECU info

Connection is ok, and the chip, SN and hardware ID have been read out successfully

The chip is TC1724.

Step 2: Modify VIN

Backup the original data info

Input the new VIN which is different from the original one, then click ‘OK’

Step 3: Read DFlash

Read DFlash data successfully, save it

Step 4: Read PFlash

It takes about 5 minutes to read PFlash.

Verify file successfully.

Alright, VW Bosch ME17.5.22 TC1724 Clone successfully by using CG FC200.