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How to update CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine V3.3.8.0

CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine V3.3.8.0 Update on April 4th, 2023: Added keys for 47 models. How to update: Turn on your Godzilla key cutting machine Click the WIFI logo on the main menu to enter the WIFI connection interface Connect to WiFi according to the on-screen prompts Enter “Update” function Just directly click “Update” to update

CG007 Godzilla Software Startup Updater Error Solution

Sometimes, when you update your CG007 Godzilla Automotive Key Cutting Machine, it may appear the problem “Startup updater error! Maybe the update program does not exist or is broken!”. Don’t worry, just update again after restarting. So, how to update CG007 Godzilla successfully? The Godzilla key cutter supports online update. Users can update the APP, firmware and

CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Update and Calibration Tutorials

CG007 Godzilla automotive key cutting machine is equipped with built-in battery and 7 inch adjustable screen, supports free update online and three years warranties, works together with both mobile via Bluetooth and PC operation, and covers more than 60 global brands, 2,000 car models and 20,000 all key lost database. It needs to make a calibration after update,