CG100 Prog III Repair 2008 Audi A4 Airbag EEPROM 95640

Can CG100 Prog III automatically clear the crash data on 2008 Audi A4 (B7) airbag ECU with EEPROM 95640?

Generally speaking, CG100 can read EEPROM 95640 data easily like other programmers, but it doesn’t have the option to repair this ECU model. You can use a dump file to repair it.

If you only want to read EEPROM data, continue to read this post below.

CG100 programmer will fail to read EEPROM if you use an 8-pin Chip Free Clip to connect the EEPROM V1.0 Adapter and 95640 chip on the airbag ECU.

You’d better remove the 95640 chip from the Audi airbag ECU first. Use a tweezers and hot air gun to take the chip out.

For beginners, suggest you position the chip upside down for quick cooling, and the silicon will quickly absorb the heat.

Then, put the chip into the PIN 1 position of CG100 EEPROM V1.0 Adapter, and connect to ATMEGA Adapter and CG100 Prog III Programmer correctly.

Supply 12V power to programmer as well.

Then run CG100 software on a computer, select Airbag>> European car>> Audi>> 8E0 959 655 G>> 95640 (read write) to read EEPROM data quickly.

Credit to@ YOYO Diagnostic!