CG100 Prog III V6.8.3.0 Update: Added MQB Adapter

CG100 Prog III updated the newest software to V6.8.3.0 on Dec.12th, 2023.

Update info:

1.Added MQB adapter to support VW MQB mileage fix.

2.Added 25 models to dashboard.

3.Added 2 models to airbag.

The following models are added for dashboard.

BAIC Senova D50 2018- 24C64 (Dashboard)+95320 (BCM)

Honda Motor NS125LA 24C04

Honda Motor Yazhi 24C04

Chenggong Zebra 24C08

Chenggong V2E 2017- R5F10DPEJ

Dongfanghong LX1000 tractor 2014- 24C02

DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong L2 24C08

DongFeng Fengguang E3 2020- 24C16

DongFeng Fengshen E70 95160

Toyota Cruiser 93C46

FOTON Auman EST 2023- 24C08

FOTON Ouman Zhike Driving Record 24C64

FOTON Smart Smurf 2022- 24C08

HELI Forklift 95160

Geely ICON 2021- 24C08

JAC Shuailing T8 PRO 24C04

JAC Kangling JS 2021-24C16

Kate Deere 1804 tractor CAT1023

LOVOL Gushen 2022- R5F10DL

Nissan TIIDA 2019- 93C86

Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 25LC1024

Volvo S80 9S12H256

WuLing RC-6 24C32

Yutong Bus 2015- 25LC1024

ChangAn Shenqi PLUS 2022- 9S12HY48

The following models are added for airbag.

Mazda DFR5-57K30C TC233-16F

Suzuki 57S0 38910M69PB0 XC2336B-40F

CG100 Prog III V6.8.3.0 download link:

For the customers who downloaded the older version: Connect CG100 Prog III Programmer and computer via USB cable, and follow the prompt to update directly.