CG100X V1.1.4.0 Update and Software Download

CGDI CG100X newest software V1.1.4.0 was released on June 2nd, 2023. It added 27 models to dashboard and 8 models to read- write.

Free download CGDI CG100X V1.1.4.0

Size: 1.22GB

Or connect device and internet, and follow the software prompt on the previous version to update directly.


V1.1.4.0 CG100X software update info:

1.Added 27 models to dashboard.

2.Added 8 models to read-write.


The following models are added for dashboard.

Dayun DYX07 2019- MB96F696R

DongFeng DFSK K05S 2018- 9S12HA32

DongFeng Furuika 2022- 93C66

SouthEast LingYue V3 2011- 9S12HY64

Toyota LEXUS ES240 2011- 93C56 (RA57)

FOTON Landscape G5 2021- 24C04

FOTON Rowor ES5 2021- 24C08

fulucheye Electric car 2018- R5F10TPxxx

Trumpchi Yingbao 2021- 24C16

HuangHai XiaLi N7 2021- 24C64

JiHai Electric car 2018- 24C16

Geely Yuanjing 2015- 24C04

JAC Shuailing T6 2020- 9S12XHY256 (Diesel version)

JAC Refine S6 2022- 24C08

LOVOL Tractor 2020- 9S12HA48

Leopaard Q6 2016- 9S12XHY128

Chery Karry K50 2015- 24C16


qianjiang race sai250 2021- 24C02

WuLing Rongguang EV50 2021- R5F10DPEJ

WuLing HongGuang S1 2021- 24C04

ISUZU KV660 24C16

FAW JunpaiCX65 2019- R5F10DPxxx

Yutong Bus 24C64 (LCD)

CNHTC hohan xianfeng 2022- 24C02

CNHTC HOWO 2012- 25256(BCM)

CNHTC hohan 2022- 24C02


The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

DongFeng xiaokang C31S 2022- R5F10DPxxx (read write)

LandWind rongyao R5F10DSLL (read writer)

Peugeot 9839642580 XC2336B-40F (read writer)

DongFeng J38580839 U400006060 A3C1068320000 R7F701010 (read writer)

SouthEast J38580736 R7F701008 (read writer)

JAC 95900-V2180 M68HC912B32 (read writer)

LAMBORGHINI 408959655(5WK43428) 95080(read writer)

WuLing 23589306 R7F701064 (read writer)