CGDI MB Defective EIS W215 (ssid & special key are FF) Solution


Got one defective EIS W215 , the ssid and special key are FF read out by CGMB software. What’s the best route to fix this?


@ Sergey Gorbachev

There are two ways to fix the problem.

First, software type, is to find the fbs3 tools which work with dealer eises. AFAIK, only VVDI and Mercedes instrument could write stuff to dealer’s.

Second solution, more hardware type, is to get working full dump (flash+eeprom) from the same 0708 eis from forums like mhh, digital Kaos, etc. And write it to 9s12 (or 912) with programmers like r270, cg100, iprog, xprog, Orange5, etc. Thus you’ll have a good non-dealer eis to tinker with as usual.

Seems that 0708 has two 4j74y on board, they are interchangeable with 1j35d in 0208 i have. So i presume, you could use any dump for any w215 (!) lock. 1j35d/2j74y/4j74y are the same masks, except for factory made read-only regions in flash for 1j35d which you could still write into other chips.

In two words, get full flash for any w215 eis, and write it into yours. engineer replied:

First, read the EIS with CG Pro 9S12

Then load the data into CGDI Prog MB to add a key

Here is the related manual: Add Benz W220 BE Key All Key Lost by CG Pro 9S12 & CGDI MB

Note: this method also applies to Mercedes-Benz EIS W220, W230, etc which cannot collect the data.


Customer’s feedback:

Reading this now. thanks. great help!