CGDI MB Unlock Mercedes EIS Key Position


This Mercedes EIS has 4 positions already in used, but we only have one car key in hand now.

So I will delete the other three key positions by CGDI MB Benz Key Programmer.

Step-by-step to unlock EIS key position:

Step 1: Get the erase password

We have calculated the EIS password, next step is to get the erase password now.

Save EIS data with password

After saving the file successfully, go to get the erase password.

Connect CGDI Prog MB to internet

Erase password calculated successfully

Click OK

Use the simulation key when we erase the EIS.

I have connected analog key (simulation key)

Step 2: Wipe the EIS

Follow the prompt to insert the simulation key into EIS

Done, and it shows erase succeed, click OK

Then read the EIS data again

It’s empty EIS now. The personalized and activated options are not marked now.

Then load the EIS file which has password info inside.

Step 3: Write VIN &EIS data

Write the VIN first, then write the EIS data

Parts of the EIS only allows write VIN once, go to continue

Write the VIN successfully, and go to write the EIS file

Insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds

Write the EIS successfully

Step 4: Activate the original key

Remove the simulator key and insert the original key into the EIS to start the car

Restart again, it works fine!

Also test the remote

The remote is good too.

Finally, read the EIS data again

Now there’s only one key position left, the other key positions have been cleared.