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How to use CGDI MB and Keyless Go Key Program W211

Customer feedback: Use CGDI Prog MB and 08 Version Keyless Go Key 2-in-1 to add new key to Mercedes W211 successfully. 1.Test key frequency Use KEYDIY device to test the frequency of original key and CGDI MB 08 version keyless Go key separately The original key is 433 MHz, and the keylessGo key is 315

CG100 Prog III Repair 2008 Audi A4 Airbag EEPROM 95640

Can CG100 Prog III automatically clear the crash data on 2008 Audi A4 (B7) airbag ECU with EEPROM 95640? Generally speaking, CG100 can read EEPROM 95640 data easily like other programmers, but it doesn’t have the option to repair this ECU model. You can use a dump file to repair it. If you only want

CGDI BMW CAS2 Semi-smart Key Programmed

Confirmed! CGDI Prog BMW can program BMW CAS2 semi-smart key. Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Test Platform is used to detect if the key and CAS2 module is synchronized, which helps users make key easily. Step 1: Check whether the CAS2 module and the magnetic semi-smart key is synchronized 1.Plug the black and green connectors of Godiag BMW CAS2

CGDI CG70 Not Activated and Device Type Error (Code: 595) Solution

Customer problem: When I opened cgdi cg70 software to activate my device, it reported that “The device is not activated” and “Device type error (code: 595)”. What can I do? engineer replied: It needs to choose the mainland China network to bind CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool. Please tap the settings icon in the top-right corner Click Network and

CG100 Prog III Read and Write BMW Light Module MCU 9S12XDT256

I have a Light module (LWR/LME/LCM) from BMW X3 E83 3.0 diesel car. There is something problem in this module. So I want to use CG100 Prog III to make a full backup all original data of this module before trying to flash it. Use the tiny wires to connect CG100 programmer and BMW Light module. As the legs from the flash

How to Repair 2020 Honda Fit Mileage by CG100 Prog III

CG100 Prog III repairs mileage for 2020 Honda Fit S6J3001 perfectly. Only needs to work with a BDM+4 Adapter and follow the wiring diagram in the CG100 software to operate. STEP 1: Check car information (car type and car year) Obtained the car information from the VIN, and the car type is Honda Fit 2020 S6J3001. STEP 2: Record the original mileage

CG FC200 Continental TC17 and MPC5xx Licenses Not Authorized Solution

One customer reported that he got the prompt to update CG FC200 to newest software V1.1.3.0, but the Continental TC17 and MPC5xx Licenses were not authorized. How to activate them? Here is the solution: The authorization will be activated uniformly in two days. This is a new function, but it cannot be used even if it is activated free

CG100X Tutorials: Register and Activate

CG100X is the upgraded version of CG100 Prog III. It has an 8-foot removal of adapter, supports more functions such as body failure repair and BMW Land Rover writes key function, CAN line communication, and more chips incl. MQB NEC35xx chips. Here is the tutorial to register and activate CGDI CG100X to use for the first time. Step 1: Download

2017 Ford Focus 2.0L ECM VIN Change by CG FC-200

One customer reported that he used CG FC200 to modify VIN on 2017 Ford Focus 2.0L ECM successfully. Here is the procedure: Connect CG FC200 ECU programmer and Focus ECM with the professional Vehicle-grade wiring harness according to the wiring diagram in FC200 software, and connect to computer and 12V power supply as well Select Ford>> Focus (DY)>> BOSCH MED17.0

CGDI Prog BMW Unlock CAS3 Key and Recover Key Position

If you want to use the BMW car key to another car, you can unlock the key, and make it to blank key with CGDI Prog BMW. If you want to use the key position again (to add new key), we need to recovery it first (The BMW #1 and #2 never recovery), just connect CGDI BMW to the car via the

CG Pro 9S12 Tutorials: Read/Write BMW FRM2. ST10F269 on Bench

It’s a little difficult to wire BMW FRM2 ST10F269 and CG Pro 9S12 to read and write. Using a multimeter can help you find the different points easily. BMW FRM2 ST10F269 wiring diagram Follow the diagram to wire FRM2 module and CG Pro 9S12 programmer Use the multimeter to complete the wiring all the time . Read chip