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CGDI Software update: CG PRO V2.1.2.0+CGDI BMW V2.6.0+CG100 V5.1.0.1

Here CGDIShop shares the latest software CG-Pro V2.1.2.0, CGDI BMW V2.6.0 and CG-100 V5.1.0.1 update. CGPRO Update to V2.1.2.0 (2019.04.27) Download here: 1.Immobilizer, added support PFLASH Backup Porsche BCM-1L15Y (PFLASH Backup) Porsche BCM-2M25J (PFLASH Backup) 2.Intelligent Computer, added support PFLASH Backup Jaguar/Land Rover RFA-1M12S (PFLASH Backup) Jaguar/Land Rover RFA-2M53J (PFLASH Backup) 3.CPU->MCU, added support

V2.1.0.0 CG Pro software free update (2019.03.02)

V2.1.0.0 CG Pro software free update. V2.1.0.0 CG Pro free download: Apply to this hardware: Image source: V2.1.0.0 CG Pro (2019.03.02) Can support more150 chip models 2. Add key generation capabilities and the following car models are supported.   Added support chip Motorola – 9S08 9S08AC8 Motorola – 9S08 9S08AC16 Motorola – 9S08 9S08AC32

CG-Pro 9S12 Porsche key programming Update

Recently,CGDI launch their newest update info on Porsche key programming,below are detail of CG Pro 9s12 Update details:   Click on “Models” -> Anti-theft -> Porsche -> models (BCM-1N35H, BCM-2M25J, BCM-5M48H).   Operation instruction: 1) Click on “Open folder” and load EEPROM data. 2) Insert one blank key into CG-Pro machine coil, click on “Read key”. 3)

06-22-2018 CGDI MB Programmer Newest Update

CGDI MB Mercedes Benz Key Programmer Newest Update Info: Add ELV emulator function: support one-click unlock / read & write data / read password. Add ELV password writingdirectly without erasing EIS and synchronize. Add OBD mileage reset function for the following cluster types: C(W204) / GLK(X204) / CLK (207) / E(W212) / SLS (197) / CLS

CGDI BMW Pro BMW F series coding & EGS ISN for free

Newest CGDI BMW V2.2.0 update: 1.Increase BMW F series coding, restore coding and backup coding. 2.Add BMW EGS function. 3.Add read/write BMW CAS ISN (4 bytes) feature. 4.Modify software auto activation display, increase user interaction. 5.DEM wiring diagram optimization provides full-screen display. 6.BMW OBD key matching and FEM/BDC compatible small screen display. 7.Modify CAS4 key whether

CGDI BMW Prog Fireware and Software Update Guide

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer is able to update firmware and software on the official site: Below parts incl. CGDI Prog Firmware and software update instruction.   Part 1: 5 steps to update CGDI Prog Firmware Step 1. Connect CGDI Pro device to the computer, open CGDI software.   Step 2. Click on “Setting”