GG FC200 Connect BMW ECU in Boot Mode Guide

Customer Problem:

CG FC200 reads BMW ECU (i.e MSD80) in boot mode in the wiring diagram, suggesting resistors that need to be added to the circuit. Do these resistors need to be connected to the same color cable as the CGDI Prog BMW? Whether the color of the resistors to be added should be the same as the color indicated in the software, and the color should be corresponding or any color can be used? engineer replied:

CGDI and FC200 are two different devices with different adapter and harness for wiring diagrams

First of all, the wiring of the pin diagram is the multifunctional wiring harness in the FC200 package, just connect according to the different color wiring.

Then, use another line to short-circuit the corresponding position

Next, solder a communication chip


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