How to collect CG MB BE key 200 points and exchange for 1 token?

This article answer the questions: how to collect the 200 points after using CG MB BE Key, how to exchange the points as the token (password calculation service). As known, 200 points= 1 token for CGDI MB (token valued $4 when buying alone).

1.Open CG MB software, click on “Key Points”.


2.Power on the CG MB machine, insert CG MB BE Key into the coil of CG MB.

PS: the BE key has no shell when ordering, you can buy the shell alone ie. the Smart Key with Shell 3 Button or the Smart Key Shell with 4 Button.


3.Enter the CG MB Online Store. Here have the user name, points in total, subscription service expires date.

Click on “Key Points”, then “Key check” and have window message “Key points not collected”, click on “Yes” to go on. If you get the other message, that means the points has been collected or the machine is not made by CG Company.


4.Click on “Collect points”, and have window message “Key points collected successfully”, you get 200 points.


5.Click on “Credits exchange” and have window message “Will the points be converted? Do you want to continue?”, click on “Yes”.


6.Successful redemption and you will have one more key points.

Every 200 key points can be redeemed for one password calculation service.

cg-mb-points-online-shop-06 cg-mb-points-online-shop-07



Next is CG MB password calculation service payment rules

From the date of activation

Plan A: For the registered user, free for one year (365 days), free password calculation once a day, when it expired, please connects the device and follow the prompt to activate, then you can go on to enjoy free password calculation once a day.


Plan B: For the premium users, free trial for half a year (180 days),  free password calculation twice a day , after expired, please connect the CG MB and follow the prompts to activate, then you have options: 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 months. The longer you choose, the more you save money.


One question:

In the CG MB online store, some users find the 6-month renew- duration is twice as high as it was.



It’s expensive to buy from online store for the 180 days license, but buy from dealer like (search SK227-S1), it price still $60, no change.