How to Identify Benz EIS Module Still Work Correctly?

CGDI prog MB supports Mercedes-Benz W212 EIS all keys lost. The new car model without ELV, how to know the EIS is good or bad? Check the method below.


There are two methods to test. One is using the power plug, another is wiring according to the CGDI MB software.


Here is the method using power plug and coil test card.

Connect the power plug and make the electric volt be 12V


This is the plug has been connected


Most of this Benz car is BGA key and the key is easily damaged.

It will appear the following different situations when the key is inserted into EIS.

1.The light is always on for 10 seconds, then turn the key to the starter motor position and the light is off, it indicates the key and EIS are normal.


2.The light doesn’t illuminate, it indicates the EIS is broken.

3.The light goes out immediately or flashes twice, it indicates the key has hopped code.

4.The light is on for 6 seconds and off, it indicated the EIS is normal and the key is damaged.



That’s all.