How to Read EEPROM & DTC on Ford Transit 2021 No Disassembly by CG70

It has been tested and confirmed that CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool works perfectly on Ford Transit 2021 full crash no disassembly, reads EEPROM and DTC easily and quickly without issues.


The software has a built-in clear wiring diagram, and the position of the “button” is obvious, which is integrated with the interface and does not hinder the operation process.

Just follow the wiring diagram to connect CGDI CG70 to the Aibrbag ECU via the professional adapter, and connect to computer via the USB cable

Run CG70 software

Quick search GK2T in the search box

Select Ford> GK2T-14B321-AC

Click Read EEPROM

Do not disconnect the device during operation!

Wait a moment to read

Read the EEPROM successfully

Then click Read DTC

Also, wait a moment to read

It reads the fault code B1193:00-8B Crash event storage full and locked!

And you can continue to clear crashes to reset the airbag with CGDI CG70 easily.



CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool: