How to Use CGDI MB Program New Key for Benz C260 W204 2013

Here CGDISHOP share you guide on how to use CGDI MB Programmer to add new key for Mercedes Benz W201 c260 2013.



Car: 2013 Benz C260 (W204)

Device: CGDI Prog MB, PC

Car keys: one original Benz car key, one blank car key

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-1 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-2 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-3

Result: Add new key- OK



Step 1: Calculate password

Step 2: Save EIS Data

Step 3: Generate Key File

Step 4: Read/write the key


Here we go one by one.


Step 1: Calculate password 

Connect CGDI Prog MB to vehicle via OBD, and then connect with PC by USB cable

Open CGMB software

Go to “EIS”-> “Read EIS Data” to show current key status

(Key 1 and key 2 are used)


Click on “Compute Password”->“Copy key with key”-> “Collect Data”

Select “Other keys” and press “OK”


Insert the original key into the EIS, and click “OK”

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-6 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-7

Take out the original key from EIS

Then plug into CGDI MB device, and click “OK”

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-8 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-9

Collecting data…

Follow the prompts to finish the relevant operations as below:

Insert the original key into the EIS

Wait for 10 seconds

Take out the original key from EIS

Insert the original key into the EIS again

Take out the original key for 5 seconds and insert into EIS again

Plug into CGDI MB device again, and click “OK”

Save the data collected


Save the file successfully. Please upload the data to calculate password



Step 2: Save EIS Data

Click on “Upload data”

Select the file just saved to upload

Upload data successfully, and click [Query result] button to query


Password computing success


Copy the key password to backup


Go to EIS”-> “Save EIS Data”

Save the file successfully



Step 3: Generate Key File

Select “Generate Key File”->“Load EIS File”

Open the EIS data files saved

Then click on “Generate Key File”


The key file was generated successfully



Step 4: Read/write the key

Take out the original key from CGDI Prog MB

Plug the new key


Select “Read/write Key”-> “Read key/Chip”

It shows the blank is unused


Click “Reset/ Erase” button to clear data

Reset success


Note: Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format!

When wiring the original key, please make sure that it is wiped by the CGMB, otherwise the write will fail!

Then click “OK”


Open the file to write data

Write the key success

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-22 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-w204-23

Read the blank key again

It also prompts the blank key is unused

Insert the blank key into EIS to learn automatically

Start and remote car normally


Click on “Read Key/Chip” again

The software show key3 has been used


Return to read EIS data

It also read out the key 3 has been used


CGDI prog MB add new key to 2013 Benz C260 W204 successfully


That’s all!


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