Mercedes Benz GL450 New Key Programming by CGDI MB Prog

This article show you the step-by-step guide on how to use CGDI Benz Prog to add new keys for Benz GL450.


Step 1: Collect EIS Data

Connect CGDI prog MB to vehicle and PC

Make sure the network is connected and keep the voltage stable


Note: This car is one-click start, it cannot program new key directly. Please take out the one-click start button and insert the original smart key.

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-benz-gl450-2 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-benz-gl450-3


Insert the original car key to CGDI MB device to read key info

Open CGMB software

Select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data” to display key info


The key can program new key.

Click “Compute Password”–>”Copy key with key” –> “Collect Data”

Select other key mode, and then click “OK”

Insert the original key into EIS and click “OK”


Note: Insert the key, no need to twist it

Then insert the original key into CGDI MB coil, and click “OK”

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-benz-gl450-7 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-benz-gl450-8


It will take about 3 minutes to collect data

EIS data is collected successfully

Follow the prompts to insert key again and again

Insert the original key into EIS and click “OK”

Wait for 10s, take out the key

Insert the original car key into EIS again

Take out the key for 5s, and insert into EIS again

Insert the original key into CGDI MB coil again

Click “OK” to collect data

Complete collecting data and save data to desktop

Save the file successfully, please upload the data to calculate PASSWORD


Click “Upload Data” and open the file saved just now to upload


Upload the data successfully


Step 2: Calculate password

Click “Query Result” to calculate password

This procedure needs about 2 minutes

Computing success

Copy the password calculated to desktop to backup


Click “EIS”-> Paste the password-> “Save EIS Data”


Save data succeed


Step 3: Generate key

Select “Generate EE”-> Remove the tick mark of key 3

Click “Load EIS file” to check EIS data info


Confirm the key password is correct

Click “Generate key file”

It takes 1 minute to generate

Save the file to desktop

The key file is generated successfully



Step 4: Write new key

Insert the new key into CGDI MB

Select “Read/ Write Key”-> “Infrared”-> “Read Key/ Chip”

This new is not used, can be programmed

Click “Reset” to erase the key data

Note: Regardless of the key is used or not, please remember to erase the data, otherwise will be failed to write

Reset operation succeed


Click “Open/Write” button

Prompt “Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format! When writing the original key, please make sure that it is wiped by the CGMB, otherwise the write will fail!”

Click “OK” to continue


Choose one key unused file to write

Write success


Click “Read key/ chip” to confirm whether the key is written successfully or not


Finally, test the new key

Insert the new key into EIS to learn automatically


The car can start normally

CGDI MB programs Benz GL450 smart key successfully