Repair Land Rover Review: CG-100 tested on Aurora 2014 airbag successfully!

I’m happy to share that my CG100 PROG III from This programmer can repair various modules, very powerful. It comes with CG PRO III Programmer /BDM/ Key / CAN adapters, welding line, USB cable, 12V power supply and ATMEGA adapter (Optional).Good to receive all.

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That is what I received, well equipped!


Summary CG-100 simply:

We can use this CG programmer to repair airbag and car body computer, calibrate instrument etc. Also can use it to calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM.


Now, share my test on Land Rover Aurora 2014

Car type: 14 years Land Rover

Aurora Airbag No: DK62-14D374-AG


Steps in the following:

1 I check my vehicle and find the airbag lights on all the time.

cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-2 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-3

2 Then access professional decoder detection and clear the DTC.


3 I start to disassemble the car to find the airbag computer board, and confirm the chip.

cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-5 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-6

4 Here need to use CG100 software.

I open the software to enter the corresponding operation interface, and then find the physical wiring diagram.

cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-7 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-9 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-10

5 Start to wire the cables with CG100 prog in a no-current environment. Remember to confirm that it is correct before powering on.

cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-11 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-12

6 Then read the airbag data. After reading the data, need to save the original data!

cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-13 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-14 cg-100-repair-land-rover-airbag-15

7 If the software supports automatic repair, please repair it at the prompt of the software.


8 Ready to repair my Land Rover airbag, you cannot touch any cables when it is repairing.


9 It prompts “repairing succeeded” on CG-100 software.


10 Airbag is repaired completely, and I put the airbag computer board back to my car.

Connect Land Rover special inspection SDD detection, it does not show any DTC.


11 The airbag light is off.


So good!! My Land Rover airbag is repaired successfully!

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Have fun!