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CG Pro 9S12 Tutorials: Read/Write BMW FRM2. ST10F269 on Bench

It’s a little difficult to wire BMW FRM2 ST10F269 and CG Pro 9S12 to read and write. Using a multimeter can help you find the different points easily. BMW FRM2 ST10F269 wiring diagram Follow the diagram to wire FRM2 module and CG Pro 9S12 programmer Use the multimeter to complete the wiring all the time . Read chip

CG Pro 9S12 vs CG FC200 vs CG100 Prog III

Some customers are confused about CG100, CGPro 9S12 and CG FC-200. What’s the difference? How to choose? Here is the suggestion. CG FC200 is more professional on ECU/BCM/TCU read, write and clone via OBD/Bench/Boot. CG100 is mainly to reset airbag, read & write ECU/chip, and mileage correction. (good for airbag and dashboard) CG Pro 9S12 covers all

CG 9S12 Pro V2.2.9.0 Update

Free download the newest software of CG Pro 9S12 programmer V2.2.9.0. It added support in the Chip CPU->MCU Infineon-TC2XX, adjusted and optimized the software interface, and fixed problems in the previous version. Free download CG 9S12 Pro V2.2.9.0 V2.2.9.0 CG 9S12 Pro Update Info (2023.01.10): 1. Added support in the Chip CPU->MCU Infineon-TC2XX TC223-16F TC222-16F

How to Read/Write BMW CAS 3/+ by CG Pro 9S12

Today I will try to read my BMW 5 Series 2006 CAS3 by the new CG Pro 9S12 I just bought recently. Let’s see how things work with this programmer.   The CG Pro programmer is made by CG Chang Guang company, and it can read EEPROM a lot of microprocessors, and also a lot

CG Pro “Device is not connected” Solution

I have connected my CG Pro 9S12 to the laptop via the usb cable. But when I run the CG Pro software, I got the error message “Device is disconnected” and “Device is not connected”. Is this because I didn’t connect the device to my car?   Cgdishop.com technician replied: CG Pro doesn’t come with

CG PRO 9S12 Programmer New Update Log

CG PRO 9S12 programmer software has been updated to V2.2.2.0 on April 17th, 2020. Here share the newest version free download link and update notice.   Free download CG PRO 9S12 V2.2.2.0: https://mega.nz/#F!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w No password! No risk! Size: 813.8 MB Language: English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Chinese   CG PRO 9S12 programmer V2.2.2.0 Update info:

How to Use CG PRO 9S12 Read/ Write Land Rover RFA/ KVM

In this instruction,cgdishop.com will show you how to use CG PRO 9S12 to read out Land Rover RFA/ KVM data for repairing and programming? Check the step-by-step guide below.   Preparation: Car model: Land Rover Year:2014 Module: RFA SN: DPLA-19H440-BD Chip: 9S12XET256-2M53J Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer full version Operation: It can be used for

10.2019 CGDI Update: CGDI BMW V3.0.0+ CG Pro 9S12 V2.1.8.0

Here share CGDI BMW key programmer and CG Pro 9S12 Freescale programmer latest update info and free download link. CGDI prog BMW updated to V3.0.0 (28th September, 2019) Free download link: https://mega.nz/#F!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w   Added CAS4 Key Match (OBD) to support (1N35H/5M48H), Exist in BMW Key Match (OBD).   Added BMW F/G-series hidden code   Added


This article is available with the latest CGDI programmer update info and free download link. CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 updated to V2.9.0 (12th Sep, 2019) Free Download link: https://mega.nz/#F!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w 1Added French version 2Added: B48 B58 read ISN 3Added: MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 read ISN 4Added: N13/N20/N55/B38 ISN read and write 5F system code increases the function of modifying VO code 6E system code

V2.1.0.0 CG Pro software free update (2019.03.02)

V2.1.0.0 CG Pro software free update. V2.1.0.0 CG Pro free download: http://www.cgprogcar.com/en/?c=list&cs=xiazaizhongxin Apply to this hardware: Image source:http://www.cgdishop.com/wholesale/cg-pro-9s12-freescale-programmer.html V2.1.0.0 CG Pro (2019.03.02) Can support more150 chip models 2. Add key generation capabilities and the following car models are supported.   Added support chip Motorola – 9S08 9S08AC8 Motorola – 9S08 9S08AC16 Motorola – 9S08 9S08AC32

CG-Pro 9S12 Porsche key programming Update

Recently,CGDI launch their newest update info on Porsche key programming,below are detail of CG Pro 9s12 Update details:   Click on “Models” -> Anti-theft -> Porsche -> models (BCM-1N35H, BCM-2M25J, BCM-5M48H).   Operation instruction: 1) Click on “Open folder” and load EEPROM data. 2) Insert one blank key into CG-Pro machine coil, click on “Read key”. 3)