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How to use CGDI MB and Keyless Go Key Program W211

Customer feedback: Use CGDI Prog MB and 08 Version Keyless Go Key 2-in-1 to add new key to Mercedes W211 successfully. 1.Test key frequency Use KEYDIY device to test the frequency of original key and CGDI MB 08 version keyless Go key separately The original key is 433 MHz, and the keylessGo key is 315

How to Read/Write Mercedes-Benz NEC Chip by CGDI MB with AVDI

CGDI MB can work with AVDI device to read and write Mercedes- Benz NEC chip without any issue. The NEC adapter is required.   Before the operation, connect CGDI prog MB, AVDI programmer, Mercedes EIS, and computer correctly. Step 1: Run ABRITIES Quick Start for ID 174D6D Select Mercedes- Benz in the main menu, and

CGDI MB Read W169 AKL EEPROM Showing FF FF Error Solution

Customer problem: W169 lost key… After reading eeprome files from EIS with cgdi prog mb, I made two keys but the two slots are now showing FF FF, and the remaining unused slots turned used…has anyone seen this before?? The solution: You got ignition switch with incorrect flash, most likely someone tried to replace it and mismatched

How to Solve CGDI MB Load File Failed

Here have collected three common errors of CGDI Prog MB key programmer and offer the related solutions. Problem 1: Load file failed, error code: 25E1 Solution: It means the key password is lost. Uninstall older software Download and install latest software from official website If still cannot solve, contact CG engineer for remote repair. Problem 2: error code 26E1 Solution:

MB TCM Virgin 7G Tronic renew 722.9 TCM with CGDI MB

MB TCM Virgin 7G Tronic renew 722.9 TCM with CGDI MB. Part number: 0034460310 VGS3 The CGDI virgine 722.9 TCU 1time in Day free! When you need second virgine you must pay 4$ (one token for single purpose), and the CGDI can virgin ISM, DSM, ECU, only numbers 1, 2 and 3! Run CGMB software

CGDI MB Defective EIS W215 (ssid & special key are FF) Solution

Problem: Got one defective EIS W215 , the ssid and special key are FF read out by CGMB software. What’s the best route to fix this? Suggestions: @ Sergey Gorbachev There are two ways to fix the problem. First, software type, is to find the fbs3 tools which work with dealer eises. AFAIK, only VVDI

CGDI MB Unlock Mercedes EIS Key Position

Issue: This Mercedes EIS has 4 positions already in used, but we only have one car key in hand now. So I will delete the other three key positions by CGDI MB Benz Key Programmer. Step-by-step to unlock EIS key position: Step 1: Get the erase password We have calculated the EIS password, next step

2013 Mercedes CLS300 W212 Add key with CGDI MB via OBD

Have a 2013 Mercedes CLS300 W212. Use CGDI Prog MB and CGDI MB BE key to add new key via OBD successfully. First, insert the original car key into the ignition switch, cluster on and start the car good. The working key is no problem. Then go to run CGMB software 1.Read EIS data The EIS information

CGDI Prog MB Voltage Insufficient Problem Solution

Problem: There is something wrong with my CGDI Prog MB. When I use it to add new keys on my Mercedes ML2013 and W906, a pop-up window displays an error message ‘The current voltage is insufficient: 2.12V, please charge the vehicle or switch on the 12 V power supply.’ I have checked the connection, and

CGDI MB Quick Start Guide for the first user

If you are the first time to use CGMB key programmer, after recieving the device, please download and install the cgmb software from official site https://cgprogcar.com/ , and then select a member (Blue member or Silver member) under online store. For details, please look at the following image: Let me explain it in detail: After

CGMB Programmer FBS4 Mileage Repair Supported List

This article is available with CGMB Programmer FBS4 Mileage Repair Supported List. Note: The chip of R7F701414 is temporarily not supported. CGMB FBS4 Mileage Repair Supported List: P2 is the third instrument version number 205  Software filter version 2059023013 2059023103 2059024618 2059025708 2059028308 2059028411 2059028504 2059028711 2059028817 2059029414 2059029514 Hardware filter version 2059021304 2059022204 2059024001