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CG FC200/ AT200 Support Bosch MG1 MD1 ECU Reading and Writing

Both CG FC200 and AT200 BMW support Bosch MG1 MD1 ECU. FC200 is the update version of AT200. It is dedicated to the new generation ECU where it covers 99% of the Bosch brand and in development on other ECU brands. AT200 BMW supported MG1 MD1 ECU List: Check AT200 Support ECU List How to use

CGDI AT-200 Support BMW Vehicle List

CGDI AT-200 BMW Support List: [1 Series(F20)] 125i N20B20A 218(BOSCH MEVD17.2.9 TC1797_N20=10) 114i N13B16A 102(BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 TC1797_N13=10) 116i N13B16A 136(BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 TC1797_N13=10) 118i N13B16A 136(BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 TC1797_N13=10) 118i N13B16A 170(BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 TC1797_N13=10) 120i N13B16A 177(BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 TC1797_N13=10) 114d B37D15A 95(BOSCH EDC17C50 TC1797=2) 116d B37D15A 116(BOSCH EDC17C50 TC1797=2) 116d EfficientDynamics B37D15A 116(BOSCH EDC17C50 TC1797=2) 118d B47D20A

BMW AT200 Test Report: Read& Write B38 ISN and Clone Module Successfully

This article mainly share the AT200 BMW prog test report on B38 DME confirmed by CG Company.   Purpose: Check if AT-200 can read & write BMW B38 ISN and clone module or not without dismantling   Preparation: DME module: BMW B38   Device: AT-200 V1.6.1 ECU Programmer & ISN OBD Reader http://www.cgdishop.com/wholesale/bmw-at-200-programmer.html   Procedure: