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BMW X5 2014 Odometer Correction by CGDI BMW & CG Pro

This post comes with the guide to use CG PRO 9S12 and CGDI prog BMW to reset instrument & BDC modules mileage for 2014 BMW X5.   This is BMW X5 2014 The current mileage is 101024km   Preparation: Remove the car instrument and the automotive BDC module Dismantle the instrument module The chip is

How to Install and Use CGDI BMW ICOM Function

This post comes with the CGDI ICOM function free download link and the user guide.   ICOM function has been added in the latest CGDI BMW V3.0.1 Free download link:!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w   What can ICOM function do: The ICOM function on CGDI BMW is to replace the BMW ICOM with CGDI device. Its usage is

How to Use CGDI BMW Perform KOMBI Coding for BMW Mini R60

In this test report,i will show you how to use CGDI BMW programmer to do KOMBI coding for BMW MINI R60.   Preparation: Car: BMW Mini Cooper Year: 2016 Chassis: E series R60 Immobiliser: CAS3+ N16 Device: CGDI prog BMW MSV80 key programmer   Test: Test 1: CGDI BMW code KOMBI module Firstly, connect the

How to Repair Benz W211 Hopping Code by CGDI MB Tool

This article is available with the guide to repair Benz W211 original key hopping code by CGDI Prog MB key programmer.   What’s the hopping code? Hopping code (also called rolling code) is used in keyless entry systems to prevent replay attacks, where an eavesdropper records the transmission and replays it at a later time

How to Solve CGDI BMW Cannot do FEM/BDC key matching

Problem: When I used cgdi prog bmw to do fem/bdc key matching, it prompted “This version FEM/BDC is not supported, please update your FEM/BDC.” What does it happen? How to do?   Solution: Some BMW F series cars are equipped with anti-theft systems, and the firmware version that comes with high or low level will

CGDI MB Collect W639/W203 EIS for AKL with AC Adapter

Here is the test report about CGDI prog MB Benz key programmer, incl. collect data for W639 and W203 EIS (AKL) with AC adapter successfully.   Part 1: CGDI Prog MB Collect W639 EIS for AKL with AC adapter Prepare all the devices below: CGDI prog MB, AC adapter, W639 EIS, PC… According to the

How to Use CGDI BMW Prog Add New Key for BMW X1

This illustration show the operations on how to use BMW CGDI Prog add new key for BMW X1 Use the original key and blank key to start the BMW X1, the original one can be used normally, and the blank key failed. Note: The car is CAS3+, need to downgrade. Downgrading on the vehicle must

How to collect CG MB BE key 200 points and exchange for 1 token?

This article answer the questions: how to collect the 200 points after using CG MB BE Key, how to exchange the points as the token (password calculation service). As known, 200 points= 1 token for CGDI MB (token valued $4 when buying alone). 1.Open CG MB software, click on “Key Points”. 2.Power on the CG

Mercedes Benz GL450 New Key Programming by CGDI MB Prog

This article show you the step-by-step guide on how to use CGDI Benz Prog to add new keys for Benz GL450.   Step 1: Collect EIS Data Connect CGDI prog MB to vehicle and PC Make sure the network is connected and keep the voltage stable Note: This car is one-click start, it cannot program

CGDI BMW AT200 for OBD read ISN on MSV90 MSD85 MSD87

CGDI AT-200, connected to one computer, can OBD read ISN for MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 N2055 B38 B48 easily. Post is on how to use CG BMW AT-200 for OBD read ISN on MSV90 MSD85 MSD87.   Download and CG AT-200 software firstly. CG AT-200 software free download!rQpWXYKT!M1MZOPoqmBu4iCQl2AKVw1TferCBrusrDPHbhR2eZ-E Works on AT-200 interface: SRC:   Guide: