CG100 Prog III Read and Write BMW Light Module MCU 9S12XDT256

I have a Light module (LWR/LME/LCM) from BMW X3 E83 3.0 diesel car. There is something problem in this module. So I want to use CG100 Prog III to make a full backup all original data of this module before trying to flash it.

Use the tiny wires to connect CG100 programmer and BMW Light module. As the legs from the flash are very small, it’s recommended to use a microscope to help you connect the wire easier.

The wiring diagram can be found in the CG100 Prog III software.


Select Programmer>> Motorala

Input 9s12xdt in the search box to find the chip quickly

Select 9S12XDT256

Select Pin Diagram>> 9S12XD Family QFP144 Pin Diagram

After connection, first read EEPROM data.

It’s fast to read data. Save the data after reading successfully.

When I reading the flash data, I don’t turn on 12V button, and it fails to connect, but after a while, it makes automatically during the operation. Save the data after reading as well.

Recommend you to make all time two readings for comparison to check if the data has difference.

I make all time two readings as well. Put the related EEPROM and flash files to Fairdell HexCmp for comparison separately, they don’t have any difference.

CG100 programmer makes a good job!