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2016 BMW MINI R60 CAS3+ Diagnosis by CGDI Prog BMW

Model: BMW Mini R60 Year: 2016 Chassis: E Series Immobilizer: CAS3+ Device: CGDI prog BMW key programmer Purpose: BMW Diagnosis   Step-by-step guide to diagnose: Connect CGDI BMW device to vehicle via the OBD wire harness Open the car ACC button Enter CGDI software Select “BMW Diagnosis” It will prompt “Whether to scan vehicles

How to Use CGDI Benz Prog Clean W164 ISM/DSM/ESM?

CGDI prog MB can do EIS, read/ write key, compute password/ generate EE, auto computer and ELV. This article will highlight the auto computer function.   Here is the guide to clean ISM/ DSM/ESM for Benz W164 with this CGDI MB  key programmer.   Step1: Remove the ISM/ DSM/ESM from vehicle Automatic transmission module Automatic

How to Identify Benz EIS Module Still Work Correctly?

CGDI prog MB supports Mercedes-Benz W212 EIS all keys lost. The new car model without ELV, how to know the EIS is good or bad? Check the method below.   There are two methods to test. One is using the power plug, another is wiring according to the CGDI MB software.   Here is the

How to Use CGDI MB Program New Key for Benz C260 W204 2013

Here CGDISHOP share you guide on how to use CGDI MB Programmer to add new key for Mercedes Benz W201 c260 2013.   Preparation: Car: 2013 Benz C260 (W204) Device: CGDI Prog MB, PC Car keys: one original Benz car key, one blank car key Result: Add new key- OK   Procedures Step 1: Calculate password

How to use CGDI MB Add New Key for Old Benz W210

In this article,i will show you the procedures on how to use CGDI MB Prog to add new keys for old Benz W210 via OBD.   Step 1: Calculate Password Insert the original car key into the EIS Go to CGDI MB software Select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data” to display key info Select “Compute Password”–>”Copy key

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 programs BMW F010: Works perfectly

CGDI prog BMW MSV80 is a good key programmer for BMW users. It not only supports CAS1-CAS4+ key matching, but also supports BMW E/ F Series Program and so on. Here is the step-by-step guide to program F series with CGDI PROG BMW.   Step 1: Connect CGDI BMW with BMW car& PC Step 2:

CGDI BMW programs CAS3+ to CAS3 all keys lost: No Downgrade Risk

This post is to share a better method to do all keys programming for CAS3+ via CGDI PROG BMW MSV80. It’s more convenient to work with the cables (DIY by professional technician), no need to dismantle or drill.   Tips and guides to program keys: Step 1: Read DME ISN Step 2: Read CAS3+ Key Info Step 3: Program

FEM/BDC key match and mileage reset with CGDI BMW

CGDISHOP shares the guide on BMW FEM/BDC key programming and mileage reset with CGDI BMW Prog MSV80.   Here suggest you to use full test platform to test. If you don’t use platform, you can only disassemble and put the device back to the car again and again, which will damage the car and chip.   Full

Repair Land Rover Review: CG-100 tested on Aurora 2014 airbag successfully!

I’m happy to share that my CG100 PROG III from This programmer can repair various modules, very powerful. It comes with CG PRO III Programmer /BDM/ Key / CAN adapters, welding line, USB cable, 12V power supply and ATMEGA adapter (Optional).Good to receive all. Look here That is what I received, well equipped!   Summary CG-100 simply: We can use this