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CGDI CG70 Auto Repair Ford Fiesta MK6 Airbag B1193:00-8B Crash

It has been tested and confirmed that CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool with Auto Repair function can read DTC, read & write EEPROM and clear crash on Ford Fiesta MK6 airbag successfully. No dismantling, no welding, non-destructive repair. Here is related test video. Procedure: Run CG70 software (here is V1.0.1.2) Input C1BT-14 on the search box to

CG FC200 Full Backup 2020 Peugeot Partner MD1CS003

Here shares a new customer’s feedback: Use CG FC200 ECU Programmer to full backup 2020 Peugeot Partner MD1CS003 ECU EEPROM & Flash data on bench successfully. No open shell! No punch! This is 2020 Peugeot Partner BOSCH MD1CS003 TC298TP ECU. Device used: CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version with All License Activated Operation process: Check the

CG FC200 Tutorials: Read 2018 BMW M4 ISN

Here shares a new customer feedback about CG FC200 ECU programmer. I have a BMW M4 2018. It’s all keys lost, and I want to use cg fc200 to read ISN. I have connected FC200 to the vehicle and computer via cables. Then go to open FC200 software. Select the BMW and ECU model to

CG FC200 read DFLASH and PFLASH BOSCH ME17.9.20 TC1782

Is it possible to use CG FC200 ECU programmer to read DFLASH and PFLASH on Renault Twingo (II) BOSCH ME17.9.20 TC1782? The answer is YES. This ECU model is supported. Check the CG FC200 ECU list for Renault as below. Car Make Model Engine- Gearbox ECU Renault Captur (J5) 1500 dCi — 89 BOSCH EDC17C42 TC1767

CG100 III Training Guide:Honda Airbag Module Repair

This is a instruction guide on how to use CG100 III Prog to repair Honda Airbag module.   Procedures: Park vehicle level ground,and remove airbag module from vehicle and disassemble the airbag module. Run CG100 software on your pc,then select “Airbag” Select “Honda” Select “77960-T9A-M411-M2” After then please follow diagram to build wires connection,it show

CGDI MB & DME-DDE ECU Connecting Board User Guide

This post mainly talks about the guide to use CGDI prog MB with DME-DDE ECU connecting board to read and clear ECU data.   What is DEM-DDE ECU connecting board? It’s ECU connecting board DME cable for ECU testing, programming, clearing and updating.   There are 14 DME-DDE models can be supported as below: MEV9N46

BMW AT200 Test Report: Read& Write B38 ISN and Clone Module Successfully

This article mainly share the AT200 BMW prog test report on B38 DME confirmed by CG Company.   Purpose: Check if AT-200 can read & write BMW B38 ISN and clone module or not without dismantling   Preparation: DME module: BMW B38   Device: AT-200 V1.6.1 ECU Programmer & ISN OBD Reader   Procedure:

CGDI MB Write Original Mercedes-Benz Key with NEC Adapter

How to write the original Benz key by CGDI prog MB and NEC adapter? Here is the step-by-step guide for CGDI key programmer users.   All need: Original Mercedes- Benz key PC CGDI MB key programmer with NEC adapter (Include in the CGDI MB Package) Optional:CGDI MB NEC No Need Soldering Adapter     Procedure:

How to Use CG PRO 9S12 Read/ Write Land Rover RFA/ KVM

In this instruction, will show you how to use CG PRO 9S12 to read out Land Rover RFA/ KVM data for repairing and programming? Check the step-by-step guide below.   Preparation: Car model: Land Rover Year:2014 Module: RFA SN: DPLA-19H440-BD Chip: 9S12XET256-2M53J Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer full version Operation: It can be used for

2016 BMW MINI R60 CAS3+ Diagnosis by CGDI Prog BMW

Model: BMW Mini R60 Year: 2016 Chassis: E Series Immobilizer: CAS3+ Device: CGDI prog BMW key programmer Purpose: BMW Diagnosis   Step-by-step guide to diagnose: Connect CGDI BMW device to vehicle via the OBD wire harness Open the car ACC button Enter CGDI software Select “BMW Diagnosis” It will prompt “Whether to scan vehicles