CGDI BMW CAS2 Semi-smart Key Programmed

Confirmed! CGDI Prog BMW can program BMW CAS2 semi-smart key. Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Test Platform is used to detect if the key and CAS2 module is synchronized, which helps users make key easily.

Step 1: Check whether the CAS2 module and the magnetic semi-smart key is synchronized

1.Plug the black and green connectors of Godiag BMW CAS2 Semi Smart Test Platform to CAS2 module, and connect to CGDI BMW key programmer via OBD cable, connect the power supply, and the corresponding power indicator lights up.

2.Insert the blank key into the coil of Godiag Test Platform, press the Start button, the IMMO indicator doesn’t light up, which means the key and CAS2 module is not synchronized.

Step 2: Generate dealer key with CGDI BMW 

Connect CGDI Prog BMW key programmer to a computer via USB cable

Run CGDI BMW software

Enter “CAS1-3+ Key Match (OBD)” menu to read key info and then generate dealer key.

The CAS version detected out is CAS2, and there is no key in the ignition switch

Save the key info after reading.

Select one unused key position (key 5) and put the blank key into to coil of CGDI BMW MSV80 Key Programmer

The key is not a smart key, generate dealer key successfully!

Step 3: Test if the semi-smart CAS2 key is synchronized with CAS2 module

When putting the key into Godiag CAS2 test platform and pressing the start button, the IMMO indicator lights up. Press the yellow button of the green connector to turn off and turn on the IMMO successfully as well.

Step 4: Check if the key info is written into CAS2 module

Put the cas2 key programmed into the detection coil of CGDI BMW key programmer, read the key info again, the key 5 type becomes pcf7936, which means the key is written to CAS2 module successfully.