How to Full Backup 2010 VW DQ250 TC1766 on Bench by CG FC-200

CG FC200 read and backup DFlash, Ext DFlash and PFlash data perfectly on 2010 VW DQ250 MQB TC1766 in bench mode.

Prepare devices and gearbox as below:

2010 VW DQ250 MQB TC1766 gearbox

CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version with All Licenses Activated

How to operate:


Follow the wiring diagram in the FC200 software to connect FC200 programmer and Audi gearbox via the professional jumper (harness)

Connect FC200 and computer via the USB cable

Also supply power to FC200

2.Select gearbox model

Run FC200 software

Select Volkswagen (VW)

Quick search dq250 in the search box

Then select the correspond ECU (VAG_TEMIC_DQ250-MQB TC1766 which displays on the ECU list

Enter Platform interface

3.Read and backup DFlash, Ext- DFlash and PFlash data

Click “Identification” firstly

Connect to the server to get the authorization code and identify CPU info successfully

Click “Read DFlash” “Read Ext DFlash” and “Read PFlash” in sequence to read the related data

Then backup data separately

Backup all data successfully

Video guide:

Besides, you also can write the original data into the new VW DQ250 DSG to complete the clone.

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