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Benz 272 ME17.7 Hybrid Engine ECU Clone by CG FC200

Issue: Mercedes-Benz 272 engine ECU with hybrid engine not gasoline engine, car can’t start. The client doesn’t want to repair it, but want to clone the data to a new 272 engine ECU. Solution: Use CG FC200 ECU programmer to read the original data of Mercedes Benz 272 with hybrid engine ECU and then write into

How to solve CG FC200 Audi Bosch EDC17CP14 TC1796 Connection Failed

Problem: I used CG FC200 to test my audi bosh edc17cp14 tc1796, but it prompted me connection failed,and let me check if the connection is correct. I also tested on other ECUs, all failed as well. Cgdishop.com technician replied: You didn’t connect the FC200 to your ECU correctly. The brown and purple wires were not connected. Please

CG FC200 vs PCMTuner 1.21 ECU Programmer

Here is the comparison about two hot-sale ECU programmers on the market: CG FC200 and PCMtuner Magic Car Tool. Item CG FC200 PCMTuner IMG      Software Language English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Chinese English and Russian Dongle No USB Smart Dongle Offline/online It should work online and with 12v power supply. Work offline, VR

Can CG FC200 clone VW BOSCH EDC17CP20 ECU ?

Can CG FC200 clone VW BOSCH EDC17CP20 ECU? The answer is Yes. It can be found in the FC200 software. It’s easy to operate. Run CG FC200 software Firstly, update the authorization Then, select the car brand, model and ECU correctly Next, enter ‘Platform’ page Connect the VW ECU to FC200 by the professional wiring harness properly according

CG FC200 ECU Programmer Checksum Function Review

Does CG FC200 support checksum? This is a question that many customers often ask before purchasing equipment. Actually, FC200 has its own data verification, and it is automatically calculated by software. Checksum can only be used in the PFlash data area. As long as we have modified the PFlash data area, including but not limited to: fault code shielding, anti-theft

CG FC200 Fiat Doblo EDC17C49 Full Backup & Password Reading

Have one CG FC200. Use it to read password and backup data on Fiat Doblo EDC17C49 via bench mode successfully. This is Doblo BOSCH ECU. I have connected cg fc200 ecu programmer with the Doblo EDC17C49 ECU and computer. Then open CG FC200 software to operate. Select the car info as below. Car brand: Fiat Car model: Doblo (263)

CG FC200 Failed to Open Device Solution

Problem: I just received one new CG FC200 ECU programmer last week. After installing the FC200 software, I started to run the software, but I encountered three errors. Error 1: e126: Failed to open the device, please check the device connection Error 2: Failed to connect to the server. Check the network or try again later Error

CG FC-200 DFlash& PFlash Instruction

Many customers ask what functions they can perform by reading and writing DFLASH or PFlash with CG FC200 ECU programmer. I’ve put together a list of common questions and answered them in detail. 1.Modify VIN   The data area used is DFlash. 2.Modify ISN   Only the BMW has the ISN, which is used for communication authentication. The data

CG FC200 read DFLASH and PFLASH BOSCH ME17.9.20 TC1782

Is it possible to use CG FC200 ECU programmer to read DFLASH and PFLASH on Renault Twingo (II) BOSCH ME17.9.20 TC1782? The answer is YES. This ECU model is supported. Check the CG FC200 ECU list for Renault as below. Car Make Model Engine- Gearbox ECU Renault Captur (J5) 1500 dCi — 89 BOSCH EDC17C42 TC1767

CG FC-200 Repair Expert 2022 New Update V1.0.4.0

CG FC-200 Repair Expert  New year 2022 first update, Update to CG FC200 V1.0.4.0.  1.The main interface adds a search button by brand 2.New Bosch engine boot modes: MEDG17.0, EDC17CP05, ME17.9.51, ME17.0.3, ME17.9.21.1, ME17.9.74, MED17.9.3, EDC17CP18, ME17.9.52, MEV17.4, EDC17CP10, ME17 .9.21, MEV17.2.1, ME17.9.20, ME17.1.6, ME17.1.1, ME17.2.4, EDC17CP09, MED17.1.10, ME17.7, ME17.3.0, ME17.8.31, MED17.8.10 3.Added Bosch engine

CGDI FC-200 V1.0.3.0 Software Update and Download

CGDI  FC-200  Lastest update to V1.0.3.0 on Dec.23,2021 . Download Here Update Details: 1.New online store button: query the validity period of the equipment service 2.Added FC200 support list 3.Added Bosch engine platform modes: MEG17.0, MEG17.9.2, MEG17.9.8, MEG17.9.12, MEG17.9.13, MEG17.9.21 4.Added Bosch engine boot mode: MEG17.9.8, MEG17.9.12, MEG17.9.13 5.Added Bosch engine (test version): MD1CP004, MG1CS001, MG1CS002,

CG FC-200 BMW F Series 6HP ECU Clone on Bench

The CG FC200 currently supports the cloning of 6HP ECUs in BMW F-series (F01, F02 and F03). Here takes BMW CONTINENTAL 6HP TC1766 as an example. Update the authorization in FC200 software before use Determine the ECU type according to the vehicle model, and select the correct model, otherwise it will not operate normally. Path: