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CG FC-200 V1.1.1.0 Update and Software Download

The latest software of CG FC200 ECU programmer has been updated to V1.1.1.0 on Feb. 1st, 2023. Check the update info and free download soon for using normally.   CG FC200 V1.1.1.0 Registered Version Update Info: 1.Setup interface adds-Server Selection function 2.Optimize the device activation interface (add the “Activate” prompt) 3.Repair the failure problem of the

CG FC200 Tutorials: Read 2018 BMW M4 ISN

Here shares a new customer feedback about CG FC200 ECU programmer. I have a BMW M4 2018. It’s all keys lost, and I want to use cg fc200 to read ISN. I have connected FC200 to the vehicle and computer via cables. Then go to open FC200 software. Select the BMW and ECU model to

CG FC200 ECU programmer software version download

CG FC200 ECU programmer software has updated to the newest version Here cgdishop.com offers the related download link and update info. Free download CG FC200 V1.1.0.0  V1.1.0.0 CG FC200 Update Info (2022.12.13): Registered Version 1.Added DELPHI platform and BOOT engine: CRD3.10, CRD3.E1, CRD3.F1, CRD3E.1, CRD3P.B0, CRD3P.C0, CRD3P.D1, CRD3P.G0, and CRD3xx 2.Added BOSCH BOOT engines: ME7.5.20, M7.9.5, ME7.9.51,

CG-FC 200 AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 Read and Write

Today we will share a practical test report about using CG FC200 and PCMTuner to read/write AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 respectively, the purpose is to see which is faster (and check how long to write the data back), which is more stable and which is worth buying. Credit to @YOYO Diagnostic. This is AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796. CG FC200

CG FC200 E135 Device not activated solution

Here shares the solution to resolve CG FC200 Error ‘E135: device not activated’.   CGDISHOP.COM engineer offers the solution: FC200 activation requires network connection. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet with stable signal. Connect FC200, ECU and computer again. Make sure the device connection is normal. Update the software In FC200 software, first click ‘Check

GG FC200 Connect BMW ECU in Boot Mode Guide

Customer Problem: CG FC200 reads BMW ECU (i.e MSD80) in boot mode in the wiring diagram, suggesting resistors that need to be added to the circuit. Do these resistors need to be connected to the same color cable as the CGDI Prog BMW? Whether the color of the resistors to be added should be the same as

CG FC200 V1.0.8.0 Software Update

CG FC-200 V1.0.8.0 Software Update:   1.Added BMW 28A0, 101F fault code closing function 2.Added Bosch series engines: EDC17CP05 TC1797, EDC17C61, MED17.6.9, MG1CS019, MD1CS012, EDC17CV45, MG1CP002, ME17.U.6, MEV17.4.2 TC1766, MEV17.4.2 TC1767 3.New Bosch platform mode engines: ME17.8.8, MED17 and MED17.8.10 4.New Bosch boot mode engines: ME7.7.0, M7.9.8, MEG17.9.2, MEG17.9.21 5.Fix some bugs and optimize software


Possible to read BMW MG1 ECU ISN, EEPROM and Flash by CG FC200 ECU programmer? The answer is YES. FC200 supports BMW BOSCH MG1CS003 SPC5777, MG1CS024 TC298TP and MG1CS201 TC298TP so far. How to full backup MG1 on bench by CG FC200? Check the operation guide on BMW MG1CS003 SPC5777. Car model: BMW 530Li G38 2019

CG FC-200 Software v1.0.7.0 Update and Download

The latest CG FC200 software V1.0.7.0 not only fixes some bugs and optimizes software performance, but also adds more ECUs via boot mode, modify VIN function and adds the function of forcing a new VIN to be written. Free download CG FC200 V1.0.7.0 Update info (2022.06.28): Added Bosch ST10 series engine boot modes: M7.9.7, ME7.9.71, ME7.9.7, ME7.4.5, ME7.9.9, MED7.6.1,

Citroen EDC17C60 read and write by CG FC-200

CG FC200 read and write Citroen AIRCROSS 2018 EDC17C60 without any issue, automatic checksum correction. Car model: CITROEN C3 AIRCROSS 2018 Car ECU: BOSCH EDC17C60 Issue: there is a problem with the computer engine and the car cannot drive normally Solution: Remove the ECU from the car, use CG FC200 to read and write data. What is necessary? within software

CG FC200 Software Download And Update Information

CG FC-200 ECU Programmer Latest Software Update Information and Download. Please note that CG FC-200 is one year free update, after 1 year you can buy the update service. Software Download: CG FC200 Lastest Software CG FC200 ECU Programmer Update Details: (Keep Updating) V1.0.6.0  Registered Version  (2022.05.07) 1.Firmware upgrade (version 0008), repair the abnormal problem of

CG FC200/ AT200 Support Bosch MG1 MD1 ECU Reading and Writing

Both CG FC200 and AT200 BMW support Bosch MG1 MD1 ECU. FC200 is the update version of AT200. It is dedicated to the new generation ECU where it covers 99% of the Bosch brand and in development on other ECU brands. AT200 BMW supported MG1 MD1 ECU List: Check AT200 Support ECU List How to use