CGDISHOP.COM 2022 Black Friday Sale: Up to 25%

CGDISHOP.COM Black Friday Sale 2022 is still blooming, offering the best price of the year (same as 11.11 sales) on many hot-selling CG products until November 28th. The deal covers high-quality CG key programmers, ECU programmers and accessories, etc. Only 4 days left, don’t miss out this unique opportunity!   11 Hottest CG products are recommended: Product

How to Read/Write BMW CAS 3/+ by CG Pro 9S12

Today I will try to read my BMW 5 Series 2006 CAS3 by the new CG Pro 9S12 I just bought recently. Let’s see how things work with this programmer.   The CG Pro programmer is made by CG Chang Guang company, and it can read EEPROM a lot of microprocessors, and also a lot

CG-FC 200 AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 Read and Write

Today we will share a practical test report about using CG FC200 and PCMTuner to read/write AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796 respectively, the purpose is to see which is faster (and check how long to write the data back), which is more stable and which is worth buying. Credit to @YOYO Diagnostic. This is AUDI Bosch EDC17CP04 TC1796. CG FC200

CG FC200 E135 Device not activated solution

Here shares the solution to resolve CG FC200 Error ‘E135: device not activated’.   CGDISHOP.COM engineer offers the solution: FC200 activation requires network connection. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet with stable signal. Connect FC200, ECU and computer again. Make sure the device connection is normal. Update the software In FC200 software, first click ‘Check

GG FC200 Connect BMW ECU in Boot Mode Guide

Customer Problem: CG FC200 reads BMW ECU (i.e MSD80) in boot mode in the wiring diagram, suggesting resistors that need to be added to the circuit. Do these resistors need to be connected to the same color cable as the CGDI Prog BMW? Whether the color of the resistors to be added should be the same as

How to Solve CGDI MB Load File Failed

Here have collected three common errors of CGDI Prog MB key programmer and offer the related solutions. Problem 1: Load file failed, error code: 25E1 Solution: It means the key password is lost. Uninstall older software Download and install latest software from official website If still cannot solve, contact CG engineer for remote repair. Problem 2: error code 26E1 Solution:

CG FC200 V1.0.8.0 Software Update

CG FC-200 V1.0.8.0 Software Update:   1.Added BMW 28A0, 101F fault code closing function 2.Added Bosch series engines: EDC17CP05 TC1797, EDC17C61, MED17.6.9, MG1CS019, MD1CS012, EDC17CV45, MG1CP002, ME17.U.6, MEV17.4.2 TC1766, MEV17.4.2 TC1767 3.New Bosch platform mode engines: ME17.8.8, MED17 and MED17.8.10 4.New Bosch boot mode engines: ME7.7.0, M7.9.8, MEG17.9.2, MEG17.9.21 5.Fix some bugs and optimize software

Benz 48V lithium battery W167/W203/W205/W222 Repaired by CG100 Prog III

CG100 PROG III V6.5.4.0 added 2015 onwards Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery W167/W203/W205/W222 repairing function. Check the step-by-step guide to repair the battery. What is Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery? This kind of lithium battery is mainly used in Mercedes-Benz models after 2015, such as 48V light-hybrid models with chassis such as W167, W205, W213, and W222. By using a 48-volt electrical

How to add a Benz w204 New Be Key ?

Have a Mercedes-Benz W204 original key, and want to add a new BE key. Done by Xtool A80 with KC501 and CGDI MB BE Key in three steps.   CGDI MB BE Key supports all Mercedes Benz till FBS3, incl. Benz S series / E series / C series / B Series/ A Series / GLK


Possible to read BMW MG1 ECU ISN, EEPROM and Flash by CG FC200 ECU programmer? The answer is YES. FC200 supports BMW BOSCH MG1CS003 SPC5777, MG1CS024 TC298TP and MG1CS201 TC298TP so far. How to full backup MG1 on bench by CG FC200? Check the operation guide on BMW MG1CS003 SPC5777. Car model: BMW 530Li G38 2019

CGDI MB CG Be Key Flash Sale

CG Be Key Flash Sale: 10pcs PCB with Shell $159, 20pcs PCB with Shell $299, 1pcs PCB not Shell $15.99, 1pcs PCB with Shell 18.99. Shop Now: CG Be Key Support: 1. Support all Mercedes Benz till FBS3 2. Never lose synchronization 3. Support Automatic Recovery 4. This is CGDI MB Be Key Update Version. Adding remote