CG-100 Update Log

Here CGDISHOP collect all CG-100 update log history,you can check CG 100 update log information detail here.



CG-100  V5.0.1.0


1. Airbag, added support model

BMW 6577 9199756-01

BMW 6577 9209684-01

Borgward BX5 V500005772

Honda 77960-T2J-H910-M4

Honda 77960-T3X-H910-M4

Honda 77960-TAE-H111-M2 v2

Honda 77960-TEA-H410-M4

Honda 77960-TF0-H640-M3

Honda 77960-TLA-H040-M4

Honda 77960-TLA-H230-M4

Honda 77960-TLA-H240-M4

Peugeot 9820762780

Peugeot 9812923480

Haima FA34-57-K30

Renault 641368900

Mazda KD45-57K30B

Chery J42-3658010

KIA K5 95910-E0050

Nissan 98820-4DU0A

Nissan 98820-5GG0A

Nissan Venucia D60 98820-3GG0A

Nissan Venucia T70 98820-3FL1A

Nissan Venucia T90 98820-3GD0A

WuLing BaoJun 730 23996466

Great Wall 3658110XKU33A

Great Wall 3658110XP3BXA

Zotye J3858403 3658010002-T22

2. MB91, added support model

Chery Tiggo 5

3. Airbag, added repair data

Honda 77960-T2J-H710-M4

Honda 77960-TEA-H820-M4

Nissan 98820-4DW0A

Nissan 98820-4DV0A

Nissan Venucia T90 28556-2GD0A

Hyundai 95910-C9300


CG-100  V5.0.0.1 


1. User interface update

This update brings a new interface and a more unified and easy-to-use operating experience.

2. MB91, added support model

Honda XRV MB91F062BS

KIA 2017 K2   MB91F061BS


KIA K5  MB91F061BS

Toyota Fortuner MB91F061BS

WuLing Baojun 730  MB91F59BC

Hyundai VERNA MB91061BS

Hyundai 2018 IX25  MB91F061BS

3. Airbag, added support model

Soueast J3858477 80A35A012 A2C38477600  SPC560P40L1

Toyota 89170-02F70  R5F61725

Toyota 89170-30C60  R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0E111  R5F61797

BAIC A00043650 R7F701A033

Subaru 98221FJ110  R5F61725

Honda 77960-THA-H020-M2  R7F701A223

Honda 77960-THA-H030-M2  R7F701A223

Honda 77960-TVA-H230-M4  SPC56AP54L3

Hyundai 95910-S6100  XC2361A-72F

ChangAn 3658100-MK01-W01-AA  R7F701A033

Chevrilet 13584587  D70F3548

Chevrilet 26684183  D70F3548

4. ECU, added support model

MT80 LAND WIND X5 28190870

MT80 LAND WIND X5 28373617

MT80 LAND WIND X5 28422026

MT80 LAND WIND X5 3610010HB

MT80 LAND WIND X5 B6000894

MT80 LUXGEN 28190870

MT80 LUXGEN 28373609

5. Other, added support model

BMW X5 handbrake module 9S12DG128

Land Rover Discovery 3 chassis lifting module ST10F269

6. Programmer, added support chip

NEC R7F701401

NEC R7F701402

NEC R7F701403

NEC R7F701404

NEC R7F701405

NEC R7F701406

NEC R7F701407

NEC R7F701408

NEC R7F701410

NEC R7F701411

NEC R7F701412

NEC R7F701421

NEC R7F701422

NEC R7F701423

NEC R7F701424

NEC R7F701425

NEC R7F701426

NEC R7F701427

NEC R7F701428

NEC R7F701430

NEC R7F701431

NEC R7F701432


CG-100  V4.0.1.0  


1. 8-Pin Chip Mileage Adjustment, added support model

Mitsubishi Lancer 8100B188C 93C86

Dongfeng Tianlong 3801010-3094YS 93C86

Dongfeng Fengguang 580 3820010-SA01 24C16

TOYOTA LEXUS ES200 83800-33P70 93C86

TOYOTA Sienna 83800-08620-00 93C66

TOYOTA COLOLLA 83800-YK010 93C46

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 83800-6AD30-C 93A86

TOYOTA Levin 83800-F2A10 93C76

Baojun 310 23893179 24C16

CHEVROLET CRUZE 13583450 24C16

BAIC Weiwang M30 ZY-ZB116B-33 A00059881 24C04

GEELY GX7 451003 24C04

GEELY Yuanjing ZB1121D 93C56

GONOW GS6 ZB178A 24C08

Tangjun A15038200027 24C04

Yema Yema ZB159C 93C66

HONDA CRV 78100-T0P-H410 93C76

HONDA CIVIC 78100-TET-H320 93C86

HONDA ACCORD 78100-TB2-H110 93C76

JMC Yusheng GP2-10849-MA 93C86

KIA Sportage 94003-03060 93S56

KIA Sportage 94003-03070 93S56

KIA SOUL 94003-2X010 93S56

Jinbei 750 3820100-C02-BA 24C04

2. CG100-Airbag, added support model

Soueast SPC560P40L1 Series

3. CG100-Airbag, model update

Ford GK29-14B321-AC added wiring diagram

Great Wall 3658110XKR02A added data

Mazda KD5H-57K30 correct CPU model, wiring diagram and data

4. CG100-UniProg, added support chip

NEC R7F701002

NEC R7F701003

NEC R7F701006

NEC R7F701007

NEC R7F701008

NEC R7F701009

NEC R7F701010

NEC R7F701011

NEC R7F701012

NEC R7F701013

NEC R7F701014

NEC R7F701015

NEC R7F701016

NEC R7F701017

NEC R7F701018

NEC R7F701019

NEC R7F701020

NEC R7F701021

NEC R7F701022

NEC R7F701023

NEC R7F701024

NEC R7F701025

NEC R7F701026

NEC R7F701027

NEC R7F701028

NEC R7F701029

NEC R7F701030

NEC R7F701033

NEC R7F701034

NEC R7F701040

NEC R7F701041

NEC R7F701042

NEC R7F701043

NEC R7F701044

NEC R7F701045

NEC R7F701046

NEC R7F701047

NEC R7F701048

NEC R7F701049

NEC R7F701050

NEC R7F701051

NEC R7F701052

NEC R7F701053

NEC R7F701054

NEC R7F701055

NEC R7F701056

NEC R7F701057

Fujitsu MB91F591B

Fujitsu MB91F592B

Fujitsu MB91F594B

Fujitsu MB91F596B

Fujitsu MB91F597B

Fujitsu MB91F599B

Fujitsu MB91F59AC

Fujitsu MB91F59BC

5. CG100-UniProg, the following chips added BOOT storage area

NEC R7F701A033

NEC R7F701A233

6. CG100-UniProg, the following chips added CONFIG storage area

NEC D70F3371

NEC D70F3372

NEC D70F3373

NEC D70F3374

NEC D70F3375

NEC D70F3376A

NEC D70F3377A

NEC D70F3378

NEC D70F3379

NEC D70F3380

NEC D70F3381

NEC D70F3382

NEC D70F3383

NEC D70F3384

NEC D70F3385

NEC D70F3624

NEC D70F3628

NEC D70F3634

7. CG100-UniProg, the following chips added OPBT0 storage area

NEC D70F3522

NEC D70F3523

NEC D70F3524

NEC D70F3525

NEC D70F3526

NEC D70F3548

NEC D70F3549

NEC D70F3550

NEC D70F3551

NEC D70F3552

NEC D70F3553

NEC D70F3554

NEC D70F3555

NEC D70F3557

NEC D70F3558

NEC D70F3559

NEC D70F3560

NEC D70F3585

NEC D70F4000

NEC D70F4001

NEC D70F4002

NEC D70F4003

NEC D70F4004

NEC D70F4005

NEC D70F4006

NEC D70F4007

NEC D70F4008

NEC D70F4009

NEC D70F4010

NEC D70F4011

NEC D70F4012


CG-100  V4.0.0.0  


1. 8-Pin Chip Mileage Adjustment, add support model

Dongfeng Tianjin 3801050-C1105  93C86

Dongfeng Fengguang 330 3820010-FA05 24C04

Dongfeng Fengguang 330 3820010-FA10 24C04

Dongfeng Fengguang 370 3820010-FB01 24C04

Dongfeng Fengguang 370 3820010-FB16 24C04

Dongfeng Fengguang 580 3820010-SA02 24C16

Dongfeng Fengdu MX5 Z410010J-D0300 24C32


TOYOTA COROLLA 83800-F2A50 93C66

TOYOTA COROLLA 83800-F2U40 93C76

TOYOTA Venza 83800-0T170-00 93C66

TOYOTA Highlander 83800-0E630 93C66

TOYOTA CROWN 83800-0N060 93C46

TOYOTA Levin 83800-F2D11 93C66

TOYOTA PRADO 83800-0G080-D 93A86

TOYOTA PRADO 83800-0G110-B 93A86

TOYOTA PRADO 83800-6AL80-B 93A86

TOYOTA PRADO 83800-6AM90-B 93A86

TOYOTA PRADO 83800-6D500-D 93C66

BAIC Weiwang 306A A00038629 QZB1013B2 BC307Z 95040

BAIC Weiwang M20 ZY-ZB116B-10 A00056281 24C04

BAIC Yinxiang M20  38200000-B01-000 24C04

GEELY Gleagle 451003 QE13WT1K04721 24C04

GEELY Yinglun ZB112AD 230057 93C56

GEELY Yuanjing 900214-360C 93C56

EMGRAND FE-34AD 451003 01734325 24C04

Dayun Semi-trailer 380AGA00001 24LC04

CHERY Karry K60 K09-3820010LC 24C04

Besturn B30  3820015-EY   ZB1190A  24C04

Besturn B70 5EA0-55430-A LB107 ZB131D3 24LC04

BENZ ML350 A166 900 30 06 25640

HONDA CIVIC 78100-TES-H010 93C86

HONDA CIVIC 78200-SNA-U910 93C76

PEUGEOT 308 BSI 9804219380 95128

PEUGEOT 308 9667030080 25020

JAC M4 L23060 3820100V6500 XTD160919 24C04

JAC M5 L23060 3820100V0011 XTD-160808 24C04

JAC Shuailing JAC-2020 3800Q 3820100D6870XA 24C04

JMC Transit ZB168F1T 24C02

Haima V70 PB13-55-430 QZB1062 25040

ChangFeng Heijingang CFA227 CA800016 CY-ZB115Q7 24LC04

FORD Escort ED8T-10849-AF 93C66

FORD Edge FK7T-10849-ANH 93C86

FUTIAN Pickup ZB158H5  24C08

FUTIAN MP-X ZB-189F3 24C08


Jiefang J6 ZB2171B4 24C04

Jiefang J6 ZB258B X5043

Jinbei Qiyun 3820N007A02 24C04

SUZUKI Alivio SZ-1045-001 93C86

2. The starter page adds a menu button, you can now open the menu, select the language to switch between Chinese and English, this setting will be applied to the CG100 components.

3. 8-Pin Chip, BMW CAS1&2, BMW CAS3, BMW CAS4, Land Rover Key, interface layout optimization.

4. CG100-III Other functions – BMW step space computer to increase the partition button, you can directly adjust the partition size

5. Repair CG100-III universal programmer – Motorola 9S12XE series operation prompts the wrong capacity.

6. Fixing the problem that CG100-III upgrade firmware is easy to fail, and now the upgrade success rate is greatly improved.

7. Optimize the performance of each component to improve stability.


CG-100  V3.9.9.6  


1.Add support chip:

NEC R7F701A223

Fujitsu MB91F061BS

Fujitsu MB91F062BS


2.Add Airbag support model:

DongFeng SPC560P40L1 Series

DongFeng U04100J-G0106

DongFeng U04100J-G0112

DongFeng U410010J-D0203

DongFeng U410010J-D0204

DongFeng U410010J-F0101

DongFeng U410010J-F0300

DongFeng U410010J-F0500

DongFeng U410010J-G0111

Toyota 89170-02L30 (mode 2)

Toyota 89170-06480

Toyota 89170-0DA30

Toyota 89170-0G030

Toyota 89170-42830

Toyota 89170-53680

Toyota 89170-60C10

Toyota 89170-60C50

Buick 26670439

Buick 26670494

BMW 6577-9266328-01

Hanteng X7-J3858458-3658010001-B15

Volvo P31429510

Haima SB32-57-K30

Hyundai KX7 95910-C0100

Hyundai 95910-C9900

Hyundai 95910-C0100

Ford C1BT-14B321-FD

Ford EB3T-14B321-BE

Ford EB3T-14B321-FG

Ford FL3T-14B321-BA

Ford GK29-14B321-BC

Luxgen S3 28556-LA170

Great Wall 3658110XKY28A

Great Wall 3658110XKZ1DA

Great Wall SPC560P40L1 Series

Chevrolet D70F3548 Series

Renault 639738300

Mazda BRE7-57K30

Mazda KD5H-57K30


3.The following airbag models add or update repair data:

Jaguar CX23-14D374-AC

Jaguar CX23-14D374-AD

Jaguar CX23-14D374-AE

Ford AB39-14B321-AG

Ford AL34-14B321-FA

Ford BL34-14B321-FA

Ford BL34-14B321-FB

Ford BR33-14B321-AF

Ford BT43-14B321-AC

Ford BT43-14B321-AF

Ford BT43-14B321-AG

Ford CN15-14B321-AE

Ford CN15-14B321-AF

Ford CN15-14B321-BE

Ford CN15-14B321-BF

Ford CN15-14B321-CE

Ford CN15-14B321-CF

Ford CT43-14B321-AC

Ford DB5T-14B321-AG

Ford DL34-14B321-AC

Ford DL34-14B321-CA

Ford DR33-14B321-AB

Ford DR33-14B321-AC

Ford DT43-14B321-AC

Ford EB3T-14B321-FF

Ford EB5T-14B321-AA

Ford EB5T-14B321-BA

Ford ED8T-14B321-AD

Ford ED8T-14B321-AE

Ford ED8T-14B321-BD

Ford ED8T-14B321-BE

Ford FL3T-14B321-BD

Ford FR3T-14B321-AF

Ford FR3T-14B321-AJ

Ford GB5T-14B321-AC

Ford GK29-14B321-AC

Ford GR2T-14B321-AD

Ford GR3T-14B321-AA

Ford HB5T-14B321-AA

Land Rover BJ32-14D374-AC

Land Rover CK52-14D374-AE

Land Rover DJ32-14D374-AC

Land Rover DK62-14D374-AA

Land Rover DK62-14D374-AF

Land Rover DK62-14D374-AG

Land Rover EJ32-14D374-AC

Land Rover FH22-14D374-AC

Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AB

Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AC

Land Rover GK62-14D374-AA

Land Rover HY32-14D374-AA

Great Wall 3658110XKU00A

Great Wall 3658110XKY00A

4.Picture Update:

Hyundai 95910-F9100

Infineon XC series 100 PIN

5.SPC564B64L8 Chip improves compatibility

6.MB91 software interface update, MB91 series chip read and write stability enhancement

7.CG100-III software stability enhancements, optimized memory footprint


CG-100  V3.9.9.1  


1.Add support chip


2.Add support model


Chery Tiggo (XHY256) 2014

BAIC Senova D50 (mode 3)

Chevrilet Epica (mode 2)

ChangAn Eulove (mode 2)

ChangAn Eulove (mode 3)

Chery Tiggo 3 2015

Geely Gleagle GX7

BAIC Senova D50 (mode 4)

DongFeng Fengguang 360

Haima M5 (mode 3)

Huasong 2015

HuangHai Qisheng

JAC Kangling

Chery E3 2015

ChangAn V7 (mode 3)

ChangAn EADO XT (mode 2)

ChangAn EADO XT (mode 3)

Geely Emgrand (mode 2)

Geely Emgrand (mode 3)

Geely Emgrand (mode 4)

LandWind X8 2016


DongFeng Fengguang 330


ChangAn Auchan

DongFeng Captain


Haima Family (mode 2)

Haima Family (mode 3)


Chery EQ

Chery Cowin 2 2016

Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY256) (mode 2)

SAIC MAXUS (mode 2)

ChangAn Xingka

Zotye Z200

ChangAn CS15

Zhonghua H330 2017

Zotye Domy X5 ZB1831

JinBei 2013 (mode 3)

3.Fixed a problem with AirBag Hyundai 95910-2P100 prompt decryption failed

4.Fixed a problem with AirBag Honda R5F2154 do not support automatic clear code repair

5.Fixed a problem with ECU chip read and write into the infinite loop can not exit

6.Fixed a problem with ECU prompt open file failed

7.Fixed a problem with Other functions Buick Excelle gearbox computer read exception

8.Fix software incompatibility issues under XP system

9.Optimize automatic update process and reduce software startup time