CG MB programs new keys to Benz B200 (all keys lost)

CGDISHOP shares Benz B200 all keys lost and program new keys with CGDI MB Prog. Here is the user manual without CGMB AC adapter.


Step 1: Connect CGMB Prog to computer

cgmb-programs-new-keys-1 cgmb-programs-new-keys-2

Step 2: Collect data

Click on “Computer Password”> “Copy key without key” > “Collect Data”


Select OBD mode and press OK

cgmb-programs-new-keys-4 cgmb-programs-new-keys-5

Connect K cable to the vehicle

cgmb-programs-new-keys-6 cgmb-programs-new-keys-7

Insert the simulation key into the lock in 1 minute

Pull out the key and insert it in 1 minute

Repeat the above steps until data collected successfully

Save the file

cgmb-programs-new-keys-8 cgmb-programs-new-keys-9 cgmb-programs-new-keys-10 cgmb-programs-new-keys-11


Click on “Upload data”

Select the file saved and open

Upload successfully

cgmb-programs-new-keys-12 cgmb-programs-new-keys-13


Step 3: Query key password

Click on “Query result”

Wait for the key password to be calculated

Collect password successfully

Save the password to new file

cgmb-programs-new-keys-14 cgmb-programs-new-keys-15


Paste the password

Click on “Save the Lock (EIS) data”



Step 4: Generate the key file

Click on “Generate EE”

Select the file format and generate key location

Click on “Generate key file” and save

cgmb-programs-new-keys-17 cgmb-programs-new-keys-18


Step 5: Read/write the key data

Put the new car key into CGMB Prog

Click on “Reset/ Erase” and write data

cgmb-programs-new-keys-19 cgmb-programs-new-keys-20 cgmb-programs-new-keys-21


Click on “Open/Write”

Confirm the key format

Choose the file and write

Note: For smart key, choose 41. For Common key, choose 51.

When writing the original key, please make sure it is erased through CGMB.

cgmb-programs-new-keys-22 cgmb-programs-new-keys-23


Step 6: Test the new key

Pull out the simulation key

Insert the new key into the car lock

Start the car normally

Remote also tested successfully



Step 7: Disable lost keys

Click on EIS> Read EIS data> Disable keys

Select key 1&2 and disable

cgmb-programs-new-keys-25 cgmb-programs-new-keys-26


Tips: It is recommended that you use the CGMB AC adapter. The data collection time can be reduced to 15 minutes, saving 80% of the time.

Read and write computer data, the power supply must be stable. Otherwise there will be a problem. It is recommended to adjust to 13V, must be stable dc power supply.