CGDI BMW with FEM/BDC test platform Add BMW X5 Key

I have a 2013 BMW X5. The original key works. I just want to program a new key to it. Which CG device can do that? CGDI Prog BMW or CG Pro 9S12

cgdi-bmw-at200-read-write-n20-isn-1CG PRO 9S12 Update Information Full Log engineer replied:

Refer to the following list to distinguish your car is CAS3 or BDC module.

BMW X5 Series
Car model Car year IMMO
E53 1999-2006 EWS2/EWS3/EWS4
E70 2006-2013 CAS3/CAS3+
F15 2013-2018 BDC
G05 2018- BDC

If it’s CAS3, recommend you to use CG Pro 9S12 Programmer.

Path: Dismantle the CAS module>> Read the original data>> program new key
If it’s BDC IMMO, recommend you to use CGDI BMW key programmer and BMW FEM/BDC test platform.

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