CGDI MB Quick Start Guide for the first user

If you are the first time to use CGMB key programmer, after recieving the device, please download and install the cgmb software from official site , and then select a member (Blue member or Silver member) under online store.

For details, please look at the following image:

Let me explain it in detail:

After clicking on “Online Store”, you can select: Blue member or Silver member.

Option 1. Blue member: one free red diamond per day, free lifetime

Option 2. Silver member:

2 red diagmonds per day and free for 180 days;

after 180 days, it will cost 60USD per 180 days, also it is available with paid tokens ( 4 USD each one).

What about other icons meaning?

  1. At the right upper corner of CGMB software, there are icons of Coin, Red diamond, Green diamond and time.

PS: Green diamond is for earing / enalbing password calculation.

  1. In the middle column, there are options of:

Service renewal,

Points recharge: buy the tokens

Key Points: One CG key can collect one coin.

PS: One coin can calculate onece, then will disappear.