CGDI Prog offers BMW FEM BDC key program free of charge

CGDI Prog is offering and will offer BMW FEM BDC key programming function for free of charge and the users can save up to $175 meanwhile CGDI PRO won’t increase price.




  1. CGDI Prog BMW FEM BDCkey programming function:

CGDI V1.1.0.0 Add content:

  1. Increased F-system FEM key preparation (including increased total throw)


CGDI V1.1.2.0 Add content:

  1. Repair OBD key match load engine data or enter ISN code match key can not find the problem.
  2. Repair some CAS3 read data suggest the need to downgrade the problem. (This model is: CAS3 CPU 0L01Y)
  3. Optimize (FEM) key matching process


CGDI V1.1.10 version update content

  1. Increase the FEM using the key bit deletion function
  2. Increase (F) Start / disable key function
  3. Mileage reset function,

4.FEM increase read car mileage, chassis model function

  1. Repair activation device, authorization function appears bug!


  1. BMW FEM BDC Dismantling key Learning Location:

bwm-fem-bdc-authorization-for-cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-pic-1 bwm-fem-bdc-authorization-for-cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-pic-2 bwm-fem-bdc-authorization-for-cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-pic-3 bwm-fem-bdc-authorization-for-cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-pic-4


  1. Click for CGDI Prog BMW programmer supported IMMO systems.

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  1. 2017 BMW FEM BDC key programmers advice:

1) VVDI2 BMW FEM & BDC Functions Authorization Service,$800 (if you have Ikeycutter Condor, save up to $600)

vvdi-bmw-v4.3.0-fem-bdc-function-06 vvdi-bmw-v4.3.0-fem-bdc-function-07


2) Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer, $549

yanhua-bmw-fem-key-programmer-04 yanhua-bmw-fem-key-programmer-pic-05


3) BMW explorer, 2000 euro — Module Write keys FEM/BDC (F seria)

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4) CGDI Prog BMW programmer, $655 & FEM BDC function for free.