How to use CGDI MB Add New Key for Old Benz W210

In this article,i will show you the procedures on how to use CGDI MB Prog to add new keys for old Benz W210 via OBD.


Step 1: Calculate Password

Insert the original car key into the EIS

Go to CGDI MB software

Select “EIS”–>”Read EIS Data” to display key info


Select “Compute Password”–>”Copy key with key” –> Collect Data

Choose other key and then click “OK”


Insert the key into EIS and click “OK”


This is a -Kline EIS, the operation is different from the ordinary EIS, please follow the prompts to operate, to prevent the code!


Insert the Key into CGMB device and click “OK”

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-keys-to-old-benz-w210-5 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-keys-to-old-benz-w210-6

Wait until it prompt you to insert the key into EIS and click “OK”

And then wait patiently for 10 seconds

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-keys-to-old-benz-w210-7 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-keys-to-old-benz-w210-8

Then prompt you to make sure the key to the ON position and light the instrument? If you can’t, please pull out the key and try again, until you can normally twist and light the instrument and then click “OK”


Insert the Key into CGMB device and click “OK”

Then need to insert the key into EIS again and click “OK”

Repeat all the steps follow the prompts

Insert the car key into the EIS 10s and pull out

Then insert the key into EIS again and click “OK”

Pull out the key and then insert into EIS


Follow the operation instructions until finish

Now save the generated files


Save the files successfully, and then upload the data to calculate PASSWORD

Click “Upload Data” to upload the data file you saved just now


Upload data successfully, please click “Query Result” button to query


Note: Make sure the connection be stable

Computing success!


Step 2: Generate Key

Click “Copy” button to copy the password


Select “EIS” menu and click “Paste” to paste key password

Save file successfully

Select “Generate EE”–>click “Load EIS File” to check EIS data information

Then click “Generate Key File”


Generate the key successfully


Step 3: Program Key

Program key

Insert the new key into the CGDI MB programmer


Select “Read/ Write Key”-> “Infrared”-> “Read Key/ Chip”

Click “Open/Write” button

Note: Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format! When writing the original key, please make sure that it is wiped by the CGMB, otherwise the write will fail!

Select an unused key file to write data


Write success


Step 4: Test Key

Insert the key into Benz EIS to test, it can light instrument and start the engine

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-keys-to-old-benz-w210-18 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-keys-to-old-benz-w210-19