CG FC200 ECU Programmer Checksum Function Review

Does CG FC200 support checksum? This is a question that many customers often ask before purchasing equipment. Actually, FC200 has its own data verification, and it is automatically calculated by software.

Checksum can only be used in the PFlash data area. As long as we have modified the PFlash data area, including but not limited to: fault code shielding, anti-theft shutdown, power upgrade and other operations. When loading and writing, the software will automatically identify and help the data recalculate the checksum.


During checksum, it is usually accompanied by data correction. This is a normal phenomenon. Just click ‘Yes’, and the software will automatically correct the written file.


In a word, when writing the modified PFlash data area, the software pops up whether to verify or correct, we can click ‘Yes’, otherwise the vehicle will not be able to start.

Note: Data verification and correction requires the PC to be connected to the Internet.

Which car models can do checksum by CG FC200 ECU programmer?

It can clone over 500 ECUs (such as BMW, Benz, AUDI, VW…) like KTAG+ Kess, Kessy, Dimsport, etc.

For the specific ECU model, please refer to CG FC200 ECU Programmer Checksum List