CGDI BMW Programs key to BMW M6 CAS4: test successfully

Good news! BMW M6 cas4-5m48h made a smart key with CGDI BMW Prog successfully. Here shares this test report for CGDI BMW users.


Part 1: Connect to CG PRO 9S12

Part 2: CGDI BMW programs a new key

Part 3: Test the new BMW key


Part 1: CG-PRO 9S12 connection

You need:

BMW M6 cas4-5m48h CPU


A decent laptop with Windows 7/8/10

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-1 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-2 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-3


Step 1: Select BMW and cas4-5m48h and then click on “wiring diagram”


Step 2: Choose SM48H


Step 3: Pay attention to the wiring diagram


Step 4: Wiring diagram on BMW M6 cas4-5m48h CPU

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-7 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-8 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-9

Step 5: Select BMW and cas4-5m48h and read data


Step 6: update the latest CG PRO version


Step 7: After update, read data again and then save

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-12 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-12


Part 2: CGDI BMW key programming

Step 1: Revert BMW M6 cas4-5m48h CPU

Step 2: Need CGDI prog to program new key


Step 3: Open CGDI prog software and the BMW6 file

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-15 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-16 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-17

Step 4: Select key 6 to program key

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-17 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-19

Step 5: Put the original key into CGDI prog coil to read data

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-20 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-21

Step 6: Put the new key into CGDI prog coil to program

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-22 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-23 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-24

Step 7: Check key state

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4--25 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-26

Step 8: Read ISN

After finish all the steps above, put new key and original key into CGDI BMW to read ISN respectively. It means the new key is programmed successfully if the ISN is same.

cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-27 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-28 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-28 cgdi-prog-program-key-to-bmw-m6-cas4-30


Part 3: New key test on the car

Step 1: Revert BMW M6 cas4-5m48h CPU and put back to the car

Step 2: Use the original key to turn on the ignition switch


Step 3: Test the remote successfully

Step 4: Put the new key to designated position and then turn on the ignition switch


The new key can work successfully.