How to repair 2016 Forest Ford airbag with CG100 PROG

How to repair 2016 Forest Ford airbag with CG100 PROG? Here shares the detailed guides for CG programmer owners.



Vehicle model: Forest Ford

Year: Nov.2016

Module: Airbag

Serial Number: ED8T-14B321-AE

Chip: XC2361A-56F

Problem: The instrument air bag light is always on and the fault code cannot be cleared

Device: CG-100


Guides and tips to repair airbag with CG-100:

Step 1: View the specific model of the vehicle

cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-1 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-2 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-3

Step 2: The instrument airbag lamp is always on before repair.


Step 3: Diagnose the fault code before repair


Step 4: Power off the vehicle

Remove the airbag computer

Check the style and chip

cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-6 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-7 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-8

Step 5: Open the CG100 special software

Enter the corresponding operation interface

Airbag> Ford> ED8T-14B321-AE

cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-9 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-10 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-11

Wire the cables according to the built-in physical wiring diagram

cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-12 cg-100-repair-ford-airbag-13

Step 6: Connect the airbag chip with CG-100

Power on CG 100 prog


Operate step by step according to the CG-100 software instructions:

1.Reading airbag data, pls don’t disconnect…


2.Save the data to desktop


3.Prompt “Whether to remove the collision fault code”

Then click on “YES”


4.The airbag is being repaired, please don’t disconnect…


5.Repair Ford airbag successfully


Step 7: Put the airbag computer back to the car

Access the decoder

Clear the fault code


Step 8: The instrument airbag lamp out


In conclusion:

Decoder displays fault-free code

The instrument air bag lamp out

Can drive for 20KM, everything was normal.