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CG100 PROG III V6.5.8.0 Software Update and Download

CG100 PROG III V6.5.8.0 Update (2022.12.14): Paid Version NEW 1.Added 57 models to dashboard. 2.Added 31 models to airbag. 3.Added 15 models to read-write. Free download CG100 PROG III V6.5.8.0 More CG100 programmer software update info: CG100 PROG III V6.5.7.0 Update: Added More Models to Dashboard& Airbag CG100 PROG III V6.5.6.0 Update CG100 PROG III V6.4.1.0 Update

Benz 48V lithium battery W167/W203/W205/W222 Repaired by CG100 Prog III

CG100 PROG III V6.5.4.0 added 2015 onwards Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery W167/W203/W205/W222 repairing function. Check the step-by-step guide to repair the battery. What is Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery? This kind of lithium battery is mainly used in Mercedes-Benz models after 2015, such as 48V light-hybrid models with chassis such as W167, W205, W213, and W222. By using a 48-volt electrical

CG100 III Training Guide:Honda Airbag Module Repair

This is a instruction guide on how to use CG100 III Prog to repair Honda Airbag module.   Procedures: Park vehicle level ground,and remove airbag module from vehicle and disassemble the airbag module. Run CG100 software on your pc,then select “Airbag” Select “Honda” Select “77960-T9A-M411-M2” After then please follow diagram to build wires connection,it show

Repair Land Rover Review: CG-100 tested on Aurora 2014 airbag successfully!

I’m happy to share that my CG100 PROG III from cgdishop.com. This programmer can repair various modules, very powerful. It comes with CG PRO III Programmer /BDM/ Key / CAN adapters, welding line, USB cable, 12V power supply and ATMEGA adapter (Optional).Good to receive all. Look here That is what I received, well equipped!   Summary CG-100 simply: We can use this

How to repair 2016 Forest Ford airbag with CG100 PROG

How to repair 2016 Forest Ford airbag with CG100 PROG? Here shares the detailed guides for CG programmer owners.   Precondition Vehicle model: Forest Ford Year: Nov.2016 Module: Airbag Serial Number: ED8T-14B321-AE Chip: XC2361A-56F Problem: The instrument air bag light is always on and the fault code cannot be cleared Device: CG-100   Guides and