CGDI MB BE KEY Tutorials: What it Support and How to Use

Original CGDI MB BE Key supports all Mercedes Benz till FBS3 315 MHZ/433 MHZ, supports automatic recovery and never lose synchronization. It also has the functions incl. remote control lifting, window function and IR remote control. It can work well with CGDI Prog MB and is able to get 200 bonus points when programming key. Here will share the specific Mercedes models it supports, the guide to use, the method to identify Benz Be key and so on.



Which Mercedes- Benz car models can be used with CGDI MB BE Key and CGDI MB?
Mercedes-Benz S series / E series / C series / B Series/ A Series / GLK Series/ GL Series / ML Series / R Series / SLK series / V series / G series / Fujian Mercedes-Benz Thunder/W221 / W211/ W210 / W203 / W208 / W209 / W212 / W207 / W204/ W164 / W251 / W166 / W246/ W639 / W906 / W169 / W218 / W197/ W172 / W463 / W215 /W220 / W230.


How to add new key or do all keys lost for different Benz models?

Please refer to the following related Benz models test reports.

Mercedes- Benz W164 all keys lost:

CGDI MB AC adapter collect Benz W164 EIS Data (No need to plug)


Mercedes- Benz W204 adds new key/all keys lost:

CGDI Prog MB Test Report: Program new key to 2013 Benz C260 W204 successfully

CGDI MB Prog Add New Keys for Benz C-classs W204


Mercedes- Benz W207 adds new key/all keys lost:

How to program 2011 Benz GLK300 BE key by CGDI Prog MB

CGDI Prog MB Benz Key Programmer: Test Report+ Latest update


Mercedes- Benz W210 adds new key/all keys lost:

CGDI Prog MB Review: Add new keys to Old Benz W210 via OBD

CGDI MB Calculate Password for Mercedes-Benz W210 1999 All Keys Lost


Mercedes- Benz W211 adds new key:

CGDI Prog MB Programs new keys to W211 2004 via OBD


Mercedes- Benz W212 adds new key:

How to use CGDI prog MB to program new keys to Benz W212 by OBD


Mercedes- Benz W220 all keys lost:

Add Benz W220 BE Key All Key Lost by CG Pro 9S12 & CGDI MB


Mercedes- Benz W221 adds new key/all keys lost:

Replace Mercedes-Benz EIS W221 by CGDI Prog MB in 4 Steps

CGDI MB Prog All Keys Lost Programming for Old Benz 164 W221


Mercedes- Benz W463 adds new key:

CGDI PROG MB program a new smart key to Mercedes- AMG G63 successfully


Mercedes- Benz W639 all keys lost:

Mercedes Vito W639 Cannot Start After Adding New Key by CGDI MB Solution

How to change the frequency?

CGDI Prog MB Change Frequency for CGDI MB BE Key


How to assemble CG MB BE Key to Smart Key Shell 3 Button?

Original CG MB BE Key: What’s Good? How to use?


How to identify Benz key type using CGDI MB?

How to Use CGDI MB Identify Benz Key Type:FBS4,BE and 51 Key

You can get 200 bonus points when use CGDI MB programmer to program this key. 200 points= 1 token for CGDI MB (token valued $4 when you buy it alone).
For the points, if you don’t need to change for token, you can also exchange for other device on CGDI online store later.
Check more details: How to collect and exchange CGDI prog MB Points

Last but not least:

Please make sure your CGDI MB Key programmer has equipped with New Diode Chip inside. Or it may not read/write the update version of CGDI MB Be Key. Generally CGDI MB which was bought after May, 2020 has equipped with new diode already.


Available link to get original CGDI MB Be Key with Smart Key Shell 3 Button for Mercedes Benz: