FEM/BDC key match and mileage reset with CGDI BMW

CGDISHOP shares the guide on BMW FEM/BDC key programming and mileage reset with CGDI BMW Prog MSV80.


Here suggest you to use full test platform to test. If you don’t use platform, you can only disassemble and put the device back to the car again and again, which will damage the car and chip.


Full platform display


FEM board


95128 chip


BDC board ( chip is 95256)



Step 1: Read FEM/BDC 8 foot chip data

Open CGDI software and select FEM/BDC Key Match


It prompts “FEM/BDC needs to update the ECU program before key matching. Please ensure that the car battery has enough power. Please keep the device cable connected during the programming process. Do you want to continue?”

Then click “YES”


Note: The vehicle has no valid coding data and cannot backup. You can continue with further programming. After the completion of programming, you can use CGDI software to set the code. Do you want to continue?

Please click “YES”


Select the mode of read EEPROM

No suggest you to choose use programmer to read FEM/BDC 8 foot chip data. It’s difficult to remove the chip which has too much glue.

Please select the second mode:

Use EEPROM adapter to read FEM/BDC 8 foot chip data: Please remove FEM/BDC from the vehicle (FEM/BDC must be power off), and correctly connect the chip clip of adapter to 95128/95256 chip on FEM/BDC. Then click the next button.

Actual operation:

Unplug the power cable and connect to CGDI prog BMW

Use CGDI eight pin exempt disassembly adapter to read data

Then save the data

cgdi-bmw-do-key-match-and-mileage-reset-9 cgdi-bmw-do-key-match-and-mileage-reset-10 cgdi-bmw-do-key-match-and-mileage-reset-11

It prompts “Put the FEM/BDC back on the car (the chip clip must be removed from the chip) and click the “next” button”


Actual operation:

Power off, plug the power back to the platform, the chip clip must be removed from the chip


Programming ECU…

Select the second mode to read FEM/BDC 8 pin data


Read data success and remove the chip clip


Step 2: FEM/BDC key match

Select one of the unused keys

Click on Generate dealer key


Here you can learn more: http://blog.cgdishop.com/how-to-use-cgdi-bmw-to-adding-all-keys-lost-for-bmw-fem-bdc/


Step 3: Mileage reset

Select Mileage reset

Then click OK



Step 4: Set code

This module is not coded. Need to reset it.

Select BMW F/G Series Coding


Turn on the ignition switch


Select FEM anti-theft system to set code


Set code successfully