How to Use CG PRO 9S12 Read/ Write Land Rover RFA/ KVM

In this instruction, will show you how to use CG PRO 9S12 to read out Land Rover RFA/ KVM data for repairing and programming? Check the step-by-step guide below.



Car model: Land Rover


Module: RFA

SN: DPLA-19H440-BD

Chip: 9S12XET256-2M53J

Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer full version

Operation: It can be used for data repair or key matching



Step 1: Check the car model


Step 2: Turn off the ignition switch, remove the RFA module from the left rear position of the car

cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-2 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-3

Step 3: Disassemble the RFA module and confirm the SN, type and chip

cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-4 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-5 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-6

Step 4: Open CG PRO software

Select the corresponding type, car make and module

Follow the wiring diagram to connect RFA module to CG PRO 9S12 programmer via DB25 adapter

cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-7 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-8 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-9 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-9

Step 5: Make sure the connection is right

Read out EEPROM, DFLASH and PFLASH original data

cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-11 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-12 cg-pro-9s12-read-write-land-rover-rfa-13

Job’s done!


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