CG FC-200 BMW F Series 6HP ECU Clone on Bench

The CG FC200 currently supports the cloning of 6HP ECUs in BMW F-series (F01, F02 and F03).

Here takes BMW CONTINENTAL 6HP TC1766 as an example.

Update the authorization in FC200 software before use

Determine the ECU type according to the vehicle model, and select the correct model, otherwise it will not operate normally.

Path: BMW>> Input ‘6HP’ in the search box>> ECU>> Platform

Enter the ECU operation interface


Click the ‘Wiring Diagram’ to view the ECU wiring diagram

Connect the wiring harness correctly according to the wiring diagram

Connect with the CG FC200 programmer

Plug in the FC200 DC12V interface with 12V power supply.


Click the ‘Identification’ button to read the ECU related information

3.Data Backup

Click ‘Backup Data’ to back up the ECU data.

After reading, save the data for subsequent use.

4.Data Restore

Click ‘Restore Data’ to write the ECU data

Make sure the data is backed up before writing

The restored data will overwrite the current ECU data. The data can be the data of the current ECU or other ECUs of the same type.

Restore data successfully

Note: During the data restore process, it is strictly forbidden to disconnect the Ffc200 from the power or disconnect the device; if the software is unexpectedly shut down or the computer is shut down or crashed unexpectedly during the data recovery process, please do not disconnect the device power or the device connection for 15 minutes , The CG FC200 ECU programmer can complete the data restore independently.