CGDI MB Key Programmer FAQ

Here have collected the newest frequently asked questions of CGDI Prog MB in 2021 and offered the related answers.

Q: What is the membership and which membership I need to pay?

A: When we get the new CGDI MB key programmer, it will ask you to choose a membership.

There are two member service levels: Blue member and Silver member.

  • Blue member means the password can be calculated only once per day.
  • Silver member means you can calculate twice per day.

You can check your member level in the online store menu. If you are silver member, you can bind your CG Pro 9S12, CG100 and CGDI Prog BMW to add the calculated times.

Q: What should we pay attention to when doing W164 EIS old version?

A: It’s special.

W164 (W251) old version (-2009), it only can be on bench. It is hard to deal with the car when you want to do it in the car.
The wiring diagrams are different to read EIS and do all key lost. The CAN-low and CAN- high pins are different.

  • The wiring diagram of W164 old without gateway all lost

  • The wiring diagram of W164 old without gateway read EIS

You need to make sure your EIS can read by OBD and IR. It will use them too when you do all key lost (for all EIS). When it prompts you to insert simulation key, just follow it to do. No need to keep the simulation key inside the EIS.

Q: What is important to notice when collecting data by CGDI MB?

A: 1.When you want to collect data in the “Compute Password” page, you must make sure your EIS can be read by IR and OBD. Because when you do data collection function, it will need to get information via OBD and IR.

1).When you do it on bench, if EIS can be read by IR, but cannot by OBD. Read by IR succeed means your EIS power is ok. Check your communication cables first, then restart your device, try it again. If it fails many times, directly use CGDI MB programmer to wire to read out the data, then load into CGDI MB to add key.

2).When you do it in the car, If EIS can be read by IR, but cannot by OBD. The possible reason is your gateway problem, or your EIS is wrong. You need to judge by yourself.

2.Insert the simulator key into EIS when the CGDI MB software asks you to do.

Do not keep the simulator key in the EIS. And the red light in the simulator key will be on when it is working.

3.You need to twist your simulator key or make it at ignition on place. Some EIS are easy to go into sleep mode, and you need to wake the EIS up.

Here is the related operation demo.

Power the AC adapter

Connect all devices properly

Read EIS data via IR first

Insert the simulator key into the EIS, and the red light is on, wait the process is done.

Other basic knowledge of CGDI MB Benz key programmer:

1.For FBS4 key, CGMB only disable FBS4 key yet.

2.Add new key, CGDI MB support add all types key, you must choose 51 format for normal key (BE key), and choose 41 format for smart key (keyless key).
All BE keys support erase, NEC key support some types. BGA key does not support now.

3.Simulate instrument
Support simulate ELV function (except W204 / W207 / W212-old),
cannot support gateway function(emulator gateway not work, need to use original gateway).4.About EIS
It should be all FBS3 before 2013 (it may have OBD-I and OBD-II), it maybe FBS3 or FBS4 between 2013-2016. (You need to check the VIN to make sure), the after 2016, it should be all FBS4 (only support disable key). W222, 213, 205, 447 all FBS4.

5.What to do if you calculate key password all 000?
Use 0000 to add a key, check if the key can open the EIS .Sometimes if you write EIS data without EIS password, it will default set all 0000 or all 1111.

6.It will fail to collect EIS data to calculate the EIS password when your EIS key position is full.
7.AC adapter is very hard to work on car (AC adapter can be used to control EIS power on and off . You need to find the place where to control the EIS power in car. And connect the wiring, it is hard to do)

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