How to activate CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer?

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer needs to activate every 3 months, here offer activation procedure.   You see CGDI Start displays “Device activation time remaining -1 days”, it means the device is not active. Click “Active”   Copy the SN to, and not close this dialog.   Enter the activation code from cgdishop, click on

how to use CGDI Pro MB to add Mercedes Benz car key

Topic: Step-by-step procedure on how to use CGDI Pro MB to add Mercedes Benz car key.   Step 1: Click on “Lock (EIS)   Step 2: Click on “Read EIS data”   Step 3: Click on “Computer Password”, then click on “Copy key with key”   Step 4: Click on “Other Keys” (One generation of key 705E6

CGDI BMW to Add Key for BMW Mini Cooper

This article show a guide on how to use CGDI BMW to add key for BMW Mini Cooper.   Procedures: Connect the CGDI BMW Programmer to Mini Cooper via OBD port. Then run the CGDI BMW software,and select “BMW OBD Key Match” Click “Read Key Info” Then the program will read the key data,you need wait

BMW M4 FEM 433MHZ key program with CGDI Programmer

A brief instruction on how to program BMW M4 FEM 433MHZ key with CGDI BMW Programmer.   This is BMW M4 with FEM system.   Remove the FEM module from the BMW.   Prepare 433MHZ blade key   Open “CGDI Start” then click on “FEM/BDC Key Match”, if you are the first time to use CGDI

CGDI BMW Prog program key on BMW CAS4 /CAS 4+ all key lost

Have BMW MSV80 and looking for a key programmer to add new key for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ and match key for CAS4 /CAS 4+ when all key lost, you must use CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer.   Attach one table which show CGDI Prog functions, workable models and working time   As you can see,

Newest CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer needs no activation

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer activation newest policy: All users don’t need to active the machine by themselves. After receiving the unit, you install it on the computer and you will see the device displays “Device activation time remaining 30 days” because the CGDI Pro engineer already help you active in advance, hoping you won’t feel frustrated in

CGDI BMW F series programming database free download engineer share a piece of free CGDI BMW F series programming database.   1.CGDI BMW: BMW F series programming database download:   After you complete download, the file is like this: Unzip it.   This folder contains these files shown as below. Right click the CGDI icon on the desktop, choose the option “Open the

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 User Manual

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer user manual include: Activation, firmware update & software update, FEM / BDC authorization, how to program BMW key i.e CAS3, BMW 3 series FEM system etc.   This post content: CGDI Prog BMW Activation CGDI Prog firmware update & software update CGDI Prog FEM / BDC authorization procedure How to

CGDI BMW Pro BMW F series coding & EGS ISN for free

Newest CGDI BMW V2.2.0 update: 1.Increase BMW F series coding, restore coding and backup coding. 2.Add BMW EGS function. 3.Add read/write BMW CAS ISN (4 bytes) feature. 4.Modify software auto activation display, increase user interaction. 5.DEM wiring diagram optimization provides full-screen display. 6.BMW OBD key matching and FEM/BDC compatible small screen display. 7.Modify CAS4 key whether